90-Year-Old Woman Wins Eviction Case Initiated by Bank of America in Violation of The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act

90-year-old woman wins eviction case

Eve Ball is going to stay in her home after all.

Local attorney Alex Krase said last week that the 90-year-old resident won her case against Bank of the America and got a court order that will allow her to stay in her home until October of 2015.

“I think it was the right outcome. I’m happy she gets to stay,” said Krase.
Judge Glade Roper made his ruling April 25 and Bank of America had five days in which to appeal. It did not.

“We know it’s final now,” said the young attorney.

Eve Ball has lived in the two-bedroom, one-bathroom home on Road 223 for 11 years. She has three and a half years remaining on her lease, but then got an eviction notice from the large bank.

“It’s quite a relief. She’s pretty excited about it,” said her son, Barry Ball.

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6 Responses to “90-Year-Old Woman Wins Eviction Case Initiated by Bank of America in Violation of The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act”
  1. To Tell The Truth says:

    I understand Mrs W was shocked at the low sales price…the loan owed by the person that stole her property was over $200K!!!!

  2. joi says:

    Thank you JESUS…These banks don’t care about the law. But there is one law that they ned to care about and that’s GODS laws……I prayed for this lady and GOD answered….AMEN

    • To Tell The Truth says:

      You can also pray for Mrs. warren in WPB who had her home stolen and then the thief refinanced many times removing equity before the fraudclosure disruption and no one wanted to take her case…crime against the elderly…complete with police report..this widow lives in this home when it was first built by FHA low income program over 40 years and it went into foreclosure and the bank Countrywide/BOA attorney went for sale of property gave notice day before Thanksgiving to the elderly lady of now 86 years, health issues, etc. lives with her widowed daughter in law age 63, health issue and recent surgery, and bank said she can stay in house, judge gave order for dismissal of sale that was completed…then after a year or so another attorney took up the case and filed ex parte for another sale with fraudulent docs in name of BOA…Mrs W objected but judge Hoy refused and house was sold on May 4th …purchaser Countrywide…for only 33K!!!!
      Yet prior to that I was told the grandchildren went in to BOA to negotiate a re purchase or lease as grandma wants to die in her home, her husband buried in yard…but BOA said the did not own property!!!After checking their inventory!!!! But the sale was to Countrywide rep!!!..then a realtor showed up to warn the elderly ladies about posting some doc on the door and that he was selling the property on behalf of Saxon Bank who foreclosed on property which of course is not the plaintiff on record and first time name is mentioned!!!! No history of Saxon involved!!!

      Realtor spoke with victims daughter via phone who warned him not to try anything foolish…to date no docs posted on phone but victim is saddened and waiting…realtor suggested cash for keys…how thoughtless they are!!!! She wants to die in her home…leave her alone…so pray for this also…thanks…

      • Wayne says:

        This is out right extortion …. plain and simple … why no local or federal agencies are helping is an out right crying shame.

      • joi says:

        @Wayne, you are so right. These local federal agencies are all about getting money to line their pockets. They are definitiely in bed with these crooks. But trust me, it’s all going to come to an end because GOD is still in control.

      • joi says:

        @To Tell The Truth. I will definitely put in a petition of prayer. These lying deceitful devils have no clue that their day is coming. They are going to be put in the pits of hell and burn for eternity for being the shepherds for the devil and too wicked and stupid to know such. GOD sees all and their day is coming sooner than they think.

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