“Independent” Foreclosure Review | Federal Reserve Board – Please PLEASE let us **DO** You (VIDEO)

Federal Reserve Board announces new video explaining how borrowers can apply for a free, independent foreclosure file review

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The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday announced the availability of a new video that explains how borrowers who believe they were financially harmed during the mortgage foreclosure process in 2009 and 2010 can apply for a free, independent foreclosure file review.

Both English and Spanish versions of the video are available for viewing on the Federal Reserve Board’s website and on YouTube.

The brief announcement reminds borrowers that, as part of the enforcement actions taken in April 2011 by federal banking regulatory agencies, they may be eligible to receive compensation if the independent review finds evidence of direct financial injury due to servicer error. Borrowers are eligible for a review if their primary residence was in the foreclosure process in 2009 or 2010 and their mortgage loan servicer is participating in the Independent Foreclosure Review. The list of participating servicers can be found at: www.IndependentForeclosureReview.com Leaving the Board or at www.federalreserve.gov/consumerinfo/independent-foreclosure-review.htm

The deadline to request a foreclosure review is July 31, 2012. For more information, borrowers may call 888-952-9105 or visit www.IndependentForeclosureReview.com Leaving the Board.

SOURCE: http://www.federalreserve.gov



20 Responses to ““Independent” Foreclosure Review | Federal Reserve Board – Please PLEASE let us **DO** You (VIDEO)”
  1. Rebecca Lara says:

    It’s true they screwed the Americans for me put me out to pasture at 53 today 55 after owning 22 years. Today march 29 2013 is two years I been homeless living in our of my car
    I been fighting the wrongs from 2010. Only to hear justice would be served. When what a joke destroying life’s family’s pets worlds. I wrote ask and beg to not hear back. The government United States of America. HUD housing programs that are to be there if one honestly needs but found out they don’t exist. Sadness me life mine dies daily heartbreaking see I’m a grandmother of a beautiful little girl who also is homeless my story is long but I contacted did what ever plus only to hear over and over no fraud bull shit. I was told jan 2011 file fraud against Wells Fargo foreclosure for telling me I only call them! Then spring 2012 received email from a HUD approved program that was to save our home. That wanted me to sign for IFR. They were not to use their name and this was forwarded fraud alert Russ consaltents only nothing happened until jan 2013 after my docs from wells were faxed it stopped just like that! I still wait living in out of my car older adult disabled on extremely low limited income SSI disability. Homeless only I do not qualify for any program why because they must pull from 2005 07 list my income too low all I asked was for help to. Save our home put onto back of loan but much more surfaced Mers fraud physical injuries sickness breach truth in lending I was ignorant see I found the original note deed that came from lender paid in full only I lost my life everything for America to treat their own by turning their heads
    Sorry the truth needs told I am dead why didn’t they shot me lockout day today 2 yrs ago
    I would not be so displaced lost confused trying to understand why what were who shit I don’t know any more all I know is this country is dumed for my granddaughter her children years to come if we don’t get justice served and instead keep giving to the theifts who stole out from under us
    For their own greed selfishness bull shit bastards
    Where is my compensation for how wrongfully injured they did me along with many other Americans What just another political scam to make to public think our government is helping the poor
    Lies I’m sick of the b s
    I’m done they knew this for I started contacting 2010 up to today only a hand full cared to ask then stopped good cop bad cop guess banks are to big to fail for who not me I think they need to pay for the crimes no matter what it’s unfair wrong honestly very sad tears fall daily I hate what how

  2. bella blanchard says:

    Why are they trying to get all those that missed the first deadline to apply when clearly they can not handle the less than 200,000 that have already applied! Not ONE case to date has been investigated or closed.

    I applied beginning of Jan and to date – ZERO! Russ Consulting = Paid Robots = Total Waste of money that could be used to help the homeowner. They read a script so everyone gets the same information – but no two cases are alike so why are people getting the same scripted information? Total WASTE of MONEY!

    Russ consulting says there will be an 800 number to call starting in Aug to get “up to date” information. It is the SAME number you call now. Any why not until August? What have these companies been doing since January? Collecting money for nothing….

    Why are people not interested in applying – 7 reason why:

    They want their nightmare to end… not continue for many many months while a thorough and complete review is conducted – exactly what does that mean… just B.S.

    They have been lied too way too many times and nothing ever gets done
    Compensation too low

    They have been through loan mod hell and have first hand knowledge how that one “helped”

    Agencies are not forthcoming with the REAL program information

    They suspect this is a set up by the mortgage companies

    The Attorney Generals used them for good PR – Hey we are signing this and getting money BUT we are not using it for YOU

    These programs are not helping anyone – more programs that do little or nothing to fix this issue

    If any agency really has to ask why then they have not been paying attention or don’t really care or are just collecting a paycheck.

    Bail Out 1 = Banks 1 Homeowner Zero

    Bail Out 2 = Banks 2 Homeowners Zero

    HAMP – Banks 3 Homeowners Zero

    Independent Foreclosure Review – Banks 4 Homeowners Zero

    Attorney General Settlement – Banks 5 Homeowners Zero

    Do you really have to ask why all these programs are failing? Is the Brooklyn Bridge for Sale…


  3. Charles Cox says:

    Unlike most, I saw this as an opportunity to let them have a dose of medicine they may not be prepared for. Not only did I highly modify the form to eliminate all those traps they’ve put in there you could easily fall into, they asked for information so they got it. 610 pages of evidence of their fraud. That also means, when they propound discovery on us, they will be getting those same 610 pages back as just one form of what is out there and believe me, this is not even close to what we’ve got on them. (for what good it will do).

    And, speaking of “independent”… I was surprised to receive two confirmations of receipt of the package, I was sure they’d just toss it (maybe they did anyway) but what was “interesting” but no surprise, was their receipt stating it would be “evaluated to confirm eligibility” and if so “it will be reviewed by an independent consultant” (fully qualified I’m sure). They also state “the review process will be a thorough and complete examination of many details and documents, the review could take several months.” They’re saying if we do not meet the eligibility requirements, they’ll let us know within 90 days (they said that in the last letter some months ago…guess a new letter gives them more time)

    Oh and the “fun” part…the fine print on the back side of the acknowledgement of receipt states “[t]he information that you submit in connection with the Independent Foreclosure Review process will be available to the servicer(s) of your mortgage loan and will be shared with an independent consultant of that servicer(s)”. Hmmm…how the hell can a consultant of that servicer be “independent?” Then there’s “Pursuant to the consent orders, each mortgage servicer has hired an approved independent consultant to review certain residential foreclosure actions to determine whether an individual borrower was financially injured as a result of any errors, misrepresentations or other deficienceies made during the foreclosure process.”


    • Jake says:

      Charles, I did your approach, but not to the size of 610 pages. I did, though, provide thorough supportive documentation over 100+ pages, all with the court dates. Like you, I also ‘re-worded’ their traps. However, over 120 days have passed and they never gave me any confirmation that my request met their eligibility requirements for a review. Yet in the 90-days I found my foreclosure case went from dormant for months, to a sudden rush to move toward a motion for summary judgment.

      I know they got mine because they gave me the standard confirmation letter, and just 2 days ago the OCC sent me a letter from my complaint to them 15 months ago that since I have an Independent Foreclosure Review submission and my loan fits the time period, they will not be handling my complaint anymore as it will fall into the work of the independent reviewers. Ha!

      If I have the fortune to defeat the Summary Judgment next month, I wonder if my stalled review reply will suddenly come to life, and those missing 90-day letters will suddenly come my way, as it seems to me they have frozen my review in hopes that the judgment takes place next month, and if it is in their favor, they will just spit out a ‘no problems’ found determination.

      The fact it is so dynamically molded to my active foreclosure case, in the manner I am and am not getting responses, reeks of inside abuse of the information on my review request, as far as it just being used to hand over in full to the plaintiff as a ‘let’s see if this will help you throw that deadbeat homeowner out at last,’ wink wink.

  4. John says:


    Stick to your lawyer.

    Don’t freely give the mortgage companies a thing!

    Being helpful to the enemy expecting a better deal or mercy is foolish.

  5. Pamela Edwards says:

    I tore mine up after connecting with the co. performing them for GMAC.Ross was the name of the firm.I pointed out to the young man on the phone that Gmac was not the foreclosing party as I was taken to court and squared off against US Bank not Gmac.Never saw a Gmac lawyer only US Bank and that they needed to square the paper work to read correctly.I never got a call back thats when I figured out it was just another scam aimed at taking most folks to the cleaners yet again.These people will stop at nothing to get thier way,everybody participating should proceed with due caution or not at all JMHO.

  6. Jake says:

    Yes, since I submitted my independent foreclosure review I have gotten 3 Fedex letters from my lender/plaintiff all seeking to get me to somehow reaffirm the loan that I denied to owe them when they could not show the note, and the real note is a ‘without recourse’ that countrywide never transferred. Plus on the same day their 1st deceitful Fedex letter came, they suddenly called me out of the blue 2 hours after delivery of that Fedex letter entreating me to sign an application for a loan modification I never asked for, as a ‘courtesy call’ on my loan modification application…CAUGHT! How can they give me a courtesy call on a loan modification I never applied for, 2 hours after I get a delivery from them Fedex to fill out a loan modification I never asked for? Hmmm…if that isn’t guilty, then I don’t know what. When I told the person on the phone I didn’t have any loan modification, I got an answer of, “…you don’t…?” with a tone of real surprise, then a hangup. Fortunately I knew ahead of time that all the bank needs to do is even get a taped verbal reply from you on a loan payment initiation, to reconfirm your debt. Pathetic!

    So after that failed, then 3 months after their getting my review request, my foreclosure case suddenly is jumped on to set a motion for summary judgment, probably to get it passed through before any wrong is declared on my Independent Foreclosure Review, and isn’t that after all, the bank’s goal: to get your damn house any which way, whether fraud is found later or not?

    For me, I saw that after submitting my Independent Foreclosure Review, it is like my evidence was given to the bank to try to fix the problem on their end and, if that didn’t work, try to slam through my foreclosure. So based on that, I highly recommend people to stay away, as the evidence is showing that it is not ‘independent’ but may be used to supply the Plaintiff bank with what it needs to overcome to win your foreclosure, or speed up your foreclosure if it can’t.

    • To Tell The Truth says:

      Jake, that is exactly what the review is for!!! I saw this instantly I heard of it. I discarded all the request for this. They are using all sorts of tactics to extract info from us to help them correct or create documents against us…did they succeed in forclosing on you?

      • Jake says:

        To Tell The Truth, next month my case has a hearing set for Motion for Summary Judgment, and what happens awaits to be seen. However, for sure, the bank/Plaintiff will NOT be coming with any of their gaping holes plugged from their attempt to trick me to supply them with the missing information they could see was in my review.

        So they will be empty-handed before the judge, without anything to show that I newly agreed to owe the loan and agreed they are the holder in standing, and the half dozen other gaping holes in their documentation to the court. Since they have only faked evidence to prove their case, I saw that my IFR seemed to make them desperate to try to slam my foreclosure through any old way, including attempts to schedule the hearings for the summary judgment without my attorney’s knowledge, so in effect, it would look like I was a no-show and they could gain, a fraudulently obtained court decision.

        Fortunately, I learned how to view my local court’s scheduling docket and caught their trick and after 2 more tries, my attorney was able to force the plaintiff/bank to schedule with him directly.

  7. AL says:


    YEAH …RIGHT…IM SENDING @#$@$#%$#%….@#$!@#$!, , @#^^@!@#^^#

  8. AL says:


    YEAH …RIGHT…I SENDING @#$@$#%$#%….@#$!@#$!, , @#^^@!@#^^#

  9. Jylly Jakes says:

    The foreclosure review is a sham. Let them show us what the foreclosure abuse guidelines are. Let us see anyone that has been reviewed and can say with a straight face they were satisfied with the results. Let us see the statistics that show the results of the process thus far. According to a Wells Fargo whistle blower that spoke to Martin Andelman of Mandelman Matters said 10,000 reviews had been done and only four reviews warranted an escalation for more review. The OCC is way too opaque about the process and potential outcomes. Who would sign up to go to their abuser and ask for a review? Are we idiots??? I mean, really, I got foreclosed on was abused for years and I am going to go to Citimortgage’s hand picked reviewer for justice? THAT IS INSANE!

    Let’s say I submit a complaint for review. Let’s say the review comes back and they say ‘Everything’s fine”. Then what? Is there an appeals process? No.
    Does the report then get to be admitted as evidence against me in the upcoming foreclosure action? The AG settlement was to plug up state budget holes. It was insult after egregious injury to millions of homeowners. The deflation of a mutli trillion dollar credit bubble is too be paid for by the foreclosure victims and tax payers.

    If the OCC wanted a workable process they might have called up a few of us and asked what we thought about it before announcing this is how we are going to do this. It’s more kabuki theater for us. More ‘pretend help’. It’s about as useful as tits on a bull. The OCC plan is a big fat farce. We know what is going on. Take that review process and take it out to the woodshed. Stop the insanity.

    • see says:

      And also that whistleblower said Wells Fargo told him he was digging too deep and put the shovel away, the reviewers could not get to screens they needed to get to and also the people doing the reviews didn’t know anything about mortgages. And my has to do with Wells. I’m sitting on mine and have not decided what to do with it. Most of my problems have to do with the fraudulent docs used to foreclose, no standing to foreclose, conflict of interest., etc. So what will that review do for me? nothing. And not to mention, I am not a stupid person, but that questionnaire is confusing to me. What particularly disturbs me is they don’t want you to have an atty do it for you. WHY????

      As other posters have posted, why would we ever trust this process?


    Bull shit + Bull shit = a bigger pile of bull shit.
    All 4closures have been discharged by the FED by EESA in OCT 2008.
    Banks pick up the “title” for 10cents on the dollar.
    You can step in and do that instead of them.
    Fuck the banks and the govt.
    Become the “holder in due course” of the STRAWMAN, which is your name in all capital letters, which is the key
    that they use to lay debt on your name. When you take control of your name, there is a $1,000,000 asset in the form of a bond, created by the U.S.Treasury, that you can use to discharge your “debts.”
    The banks used your name and your promissory note to collect through TARP and EESA.
    That is the fact and the truth of that. All you got to decide is if you are in charge of your life, or “they” are, with they being the assholes in Wash. DC

    • To Tell The Truth says:

      I know someone who did just that and the banksters are having a fit and trying to see what they can do to circumvent this…and the clerk of the Miami court is discriminating against this person now every time he has to file a doc!!!

    • AL says:

      interesting…but how do you do that????

  11. to answer your comment, I now trust NO ONE!!!!

  12. I would love to talk too someone, however it most likely will get you no where except more stress! I have made myself physically and mentally ill over this whole situation, After losing job, etc, now sitting in last foreclosed home, short sell prior, foreclosed home prior!!! All lies!!! As far as they are concerned you stopped making your payments so you are the one on the line! No one pays attention too have you were misled, lied too, and now have lost minimum $400,000 cash inheritance and earned monies, that a senior will never recoupe, getting someone to co-sign to move into an appartment!! Rate reduction was all I wanted and is what most wanted!! the rates are now extremely low, you will not qualify with your crappy credit, you will never be able too most likely purchase a home in an area that you would want too live in!! I have sent numerous inquiries, doesn;t matter! they audit various homeowners, treat those that own more than one home like criminals, never bothering to check out the whole picture? and trying to acquire more than one home!!! American Dream??!!! So we can only own one??? And if you look at the inquiries, the homes are gone, the credit ratings are ruined, the humiliation, emotional stress that has really affected some homeowners?? you can;t get that back!! While some ask for their monies!! that I am sure is politically motivated, sort of like the ones not in a crappy situation however get phone calls from the bank to refinance!!! Still looking for Countrywides $3,000?? and now what is it!!! $2,000?? does nothing!! please give it too Governor Brown!!! we have already lost it all, the banks win! lets put California Schools and Police back together!! and he is right to want to end blight and all of the fraudulent $$$ being spent for homeowner counseling!! what a waste of taxpayers monies! it is all lip service/ just job placement for some/ ruined life for most! Where I live persons just get a friend relative or whatever and move on!! God Bless A!

  13. Tee says:

    Yes…nice, Do ya trust them?? or are they just gathering information….then saying “cant help you”…..Has anybody seen benifit to this program??…Im sticking to my lawyer….Or am I completely out of line? Talk to me…..

    • JJ says:

      You’re not out of line. They want to find out how much you know so that they can figure out how to continue to bamboozle you.

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