Attempt to Sell Home Leads to Fraudclosure Nightmare, Country Records Showed She No Longer Owned It


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  1. Ali says:

    Pease Colleen, you life is worth a whole lot more then a house. I for one can assure you that the truth will come out. DO NOT leave your home. The truth will prevail and you will be made whole and there will be a world wide celebration when these theives and low lifes go to jail for crimes against humanity for using financial weapons oif mass destruction. Your family and your family here would want you to fight for what is rightfully yours.Our judiciary and goverment have committed treason for going againt theri cannons to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, and on this day more then any other when we remember those who gave their lives for our freedoms including “Property Rights”, you musn’t let them die in vein. My prayers are with you.

  2. Steve says:

    Interesting. In the video (1.49 min) her papers say contact Deutsche Bank National Trust CC 7301 Bay meadows Way Jacksonville Florida 33256. But all I get is Cortera Mortgage Electronic Registration

  3. Collene says:

    I am losing my will to live after being victims of a FRAUDCLOSURE. We had our home for 24 yrs and had a perfect payment history. According to UCC 3-305 our loan never came to fruition at infancy. We never received any of our signed closing documents that are required by law. We were never in possession of our note and had no knowledge of the essential terms. Our predatory lender did not apply hundreds of thousands of payments and then would refuse a payment and file a fraudulent default and charge unnecessary legal and late fees. Our story is so involved but we had a Judge that based his decision against us by ignoring the proponderance of evidence and the lack of the bank producing the burden of proof. They even sold the home and we were never notified. They ignored MA foreclosure law ch 244 sec 14. We never received a “Notice of Default” because we weren’t in arrears and no “Notice of Intent to Foreclose, nor was it published in the local newspaper. We found out 43 days later when they delivered a 72hr Notice to Quit. We spent almost $40,000 on legal fees and the worst part is our son is a Marine and returned home from his 2nd deployment in Iraq with PTSD and numerous other problems to find out we were homeless and the only home he ever knew was illegally sold. Also there was no proof of sale, no memorandum, no proof of deposit, no satisfaction of mortgage(cause it was never recorded) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You can send it directly to my email I have often thought about suicide so that then someone would take notice but I love my hubby of 26yrs and our 2 sons. I have lived my life doing for other people since I was 8 yrs old and we lost our home due to unethical bank, Judge and legal system. So much more to the story but I can’t write it all. Please support our Troops xo

    • Fury says:

      colleen, please hang in there.
      we have all felt the same but can’t really say it out loud.

      stay in your home.

      fight these banking bastards.
      your family needs you.

      • Fury says:

        and you deserve comfort and safety. you have earned it.
        we are all with you. know it.

    • Punished! says:

      Hang in there, Colleen. Same scenario here. I feel your pain exactly!!

    • TO Tell The Truth says:

      I understand the feeling of hopelessness but that should be short lived… God is our only hope, our only source. This is not a trite answer, it is the rock solid truth…I live it I experience it in my own situation. You should not give up…put your trust in the Lord and ask Him to show you how to deal with the devil in this situation. Natural warfare is also spiritual warfare…the devil comes only to steel, kill and destroy so don’t allow him to use your own hands to kill yourself, destroy your family nor steal your home.
      Fight back pro se…and see how you can get back some of your money from those lawyers that may have added to the loss of your case….declare this is your home and no one will take it away…and stand and fight and use your faith also…

      • Collene says:

        Our house is gone! It was sold without our knowledge. We weren’t aware of the date they illegally sold it until 43 days later when we received a 72 hour Notice to Quit. The proponderance of evidence we submitted was unbelievable and the corrupt Judge made a judgment for a bank that had no legal right to collect on a loan that never came to fruition at infancy UCC 3- 305. We were never in possession of our note or the essential terms. The bank forged signatures on 6 “Right to Cancel forms” (all were different) We were given 2 copies each of the Right to Cancel at the 10 minute closing in a food court at a local mall and neith my husband or I ever signed a copy. We were never given any of the required documents at the closing or copies of the payoff checks. It wasn’t until right before they illegally sold our home when we received our closing docs. We were not in arrears and the bank now knew we had proof that the loan was never consumated. It is so involved and I have proof of everything you can imagine. Our lawyer was so manipulative and got paid almost $35,000 and so as well as the hundreds of thousands paid to our mortgage which was an invalid loan and attorney fees we now have no house, no car, no bank account and I am disabled and my health is getting worse. I need an ethical person with a voice that will be heard such as Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah etc to expose our situation. The unethical Judge who made a decision not based on the facts of law allowed thieves to steal our home and kill me in the process. I filed an appeal and so many other motions pr- se and the Judge along with the defendants attorney refused it all. It is such a case of FRAUD its unconsciousable what has been done to us. I NEED ADVICE AND ASSISTANCE TO CONTINUE OUR FIGHT!

  4. goi says:

    these are the bank errors that will win a house free & clear. I did…

    • AmyT says:

      Deja vu here! Same thing happened to us. I had several different attorneys at different times that claimed to be “experts”. Yea, right! I lost because of them and proceedure. I did all of the research myself and made all the discovery’s myself. The thing is, I just uncovered the rest of the fraudulent documents last summer but by then, it was too late. No judge here would ever do a trial or neither I, or the attorney’s could get them to sign a TRO. Figures, now that GA is the most corrupt state in the nation judicial wise. What else can we do but file malpractice suits? A good, competant attorney could breeze through this case….!!

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