Man Facing Jail Time After Spending $70,000 That Wells Fargo Mistakenly Put In His Account (VIDEO)


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  1. JohnR says:

    can t see the video as I am on a cell phone that won t lettme but… Finders keepers. Reverse the situation and what kinda hoops would the guy have to jump through to get his money back? We re supposed to be equals with Corp. America (ie TBTF Banks). It should be exactly the same hoops AND penalties (probably none) that situation reversed WF would have to face.

  2. Fed up says:

    Too bad it wasn’t a tough rambunctious fraudclosure victim who got the the 70k.
    Wells Fargo would be picking teeth out of their stupid @$$.
    If Wells Fargo put the money in my account I would take the money and then tell the CEO from
    Wells Fargo— go ahead bankster take me to court and go (F) yourself on the corner of Broadway and Wall Street . In a different time I would contact the bank and immediately give the money back but today forget it!!!!!
    Screw the banks.

  3. J. Alonzo says:

    How lovely! The police and the state take their time to after this crime, yet police, judges let the banks steal homes they dont own every day. Funny how are goverment takes care of the banks, and the SHEEPLE can go fuck themselves!

  4. Rebelwithaclause says:

    Hey everybody why in the hell is anyone doing business with these crooks, go to a credit union make your voice heard. The banks wouldn’t have this power, money, control if everyone deposited their paycheck into a credit union, wrote checks from credit unions, ATM from credit unions. I understand that loans and mortgages are not that simple but simply quit using the banks, any banks, credit unions or better yet, nothing at all.

  5. mario KENNY says:

    He turned himself in this is a wimp of the best kind, he admitted guilt. I would have fought that tooth and nails, if the bank made a mistake they have to fix that mistake.

  6. TheHutMaster says:

    Ok, an Eye for an Eye,

    I say we charge the dirt phucks at Well Fargo for receiving STOLEN Property for all their illegal forclosed homes.

    The Law cannot work 1 way, and not the other.
    Phuck You Wells Fargo, I am hot on your ass and will soon be so far up it, you will beg me to stop.

    “Fight the Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day!

  7. rene Powers says:

    Funny story…one day I made a deposit in my account…same day it disappears and does not make it into my account. A nice lady from the bank calls me and tells me my mortgages bounced..I showed proof of the deposit..then, I do a police report as the money I knew didn’t just accidentally go to someone elses account, it was not put in any account. Well, the bank makes a cover story to the police detective, he calls me and says it was a mistake and the branch all quit. Quit? NO THEY WERE ALL FIRED!! I found out through another employee. The detective got mad when I told him they were fired. He literally answered with this, “no, they all quit when the teller who made the “mistake” was fired because they were all upset about her firing”..seriously? He got mad at me for questioning his commonsense. The bank covered my accounts and bounced checks, but my credit was ruined and I lost my construction loan due to the drop in the FICO’s and once it was all over the same loan programs were non existent..(back in 2007/08) I had the very last construction loan with Wachovia in Ca. at the time. Then, the bank sued ME! they sued me for covering my loses!! I had to go bankrupt and they falsified documents saying I “borrowed” the funds and took them to court without me knowing a court date had passed, hence having to file bk. The nerve of these big banks!! Those I spoke to said that the banks cover these things up, because if people knew what happened they’d take their money out of the bank and that it happens more often than you’d think. They do not prosecute because they do not want to draw further attention and just make the money good to the clients. WOW!!
    I say, your mistake Wells Fargo, let him make payments. The kid was wrong for spending it, but jail time? what about the tellers you let go who steal?? Just asking.

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