Lee Camp | Obama Administration Changes The Definition Of Civilians (VIDEO)

Killing too many civilians? Just change the definition. It’s that easy. [more at LeeCamp.net]



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  1. John Anderson says:

    The Jewish people have shone us the way. They had a very bad impossible debt problem, and they fixed it by changing their currency from the Israeli pound to the shekel, or vise versa.
    We have, thanks to George Bush a new money called the Amero. Like the Euro it combines the currency of multiple countries.
    The Amero combines and replaces the currency of the US, Canada, and Mexico.
    They are waiting for the economy to get bad enough, so that people will be more willing to accept it.
    Google or YouTube “Amero”

  2. Sammy Groening says:

    Good material. I say we change the definition of default or debt, since they changed the definition of fraud, contracts and predatory lending . Touche Banksters!

  3. its funny it takes for a few of the scum bags to get caught and they stand up in fear oops we got caught i dont trust any of them wells fargo hud fha stole fraud robo sighned decieved you name it abd are still doing it and now they care.They dont care about us or what they did they are scared because the cats out of the bag .They act like they just found out like they were unaware when we all now that they were all in on it what have they lost .they thought they we above us but we.STOOD TOGETHER ACROSS THE WORLD AMD WE GET STRONGER EVERYDAY WE ARE GOING TO STAND OUR GROUND NO MORE MORE HEADS NEED TO ROLL IF YOU ASK ME.THE ONES WHO CLAIM TO WANT TO HELP US WERE THE SAME ONES WHO SKIT OUR THROATS AND LEFT US FOR DEAD.We arnt going to fall for it this time now its your turn to finally afteralwe have been put trough .We are watching we now what you did and so do you

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