Oops – Man Locked Out of His House by LPS Field Services at the Request of Chase Financial, But Chase is Not His Mortgage Company



5 Responses to “Oops – Man Locked Out of His House by LPS Field Services at the Request of Chase Financial, But Chase is Not His Mortgage Company”
  1. Hell NO! No More Bankster Bailouts! says:

    It would get VERY interesting if a bunch of judges, especially in ‘non-judicial states, all found their own locks changed by LPS Field Services. While I know there has been one judge who was in foreclosure a couple of years back, possibly in MI, the judges need to experience the capricious stunts from LPS and the treatment by law enforcement claiming it is a civil dispute, not criminal.

    Only when it happens to THEM will they realize that the servicers and LPS are out of control..

  2. usjustice4all says:

    “Just went to the wrong Condo” !!!!!!!! WHAT ? Like this is ok at all, that people are accidentally having their privacy invaded and it’s nothing? Oh ya, just wait until all the stone throwers go thru it soon. Nothing will get better, its getting worse and they will cover up the fact we are all in their swimming pool of investments. Our government just sits back and does nothing !! Judges should be mandated to learn about this, !!!!!!

    • j Alonzo says:

      Its amazing how police, judges, state attorneys ignore this when its the banks, but if you or I did this we
      would be in jail. Its called breaking an entering and its against the law. Its a Felony!

  3. Hell NO! No More Bankster Bailouts! says:

    My question is this: Is the homeowner the first buyer after the condo was built, or could there be a prior owner’s loan that was not properly ‘satisfied’ at the closing of this guy’s loan? Or did this owner himself ever refinance the condo when there was a Chase or a Washington Mutual loan? Is there a loan on this condo that should have been satisfied but which was not?

    I question if this guy needs to take a look at the documents on file for his condo with the county recorder’s office and go back thru all prior loans for the past 20 years or since his condo was built. The other action I would be taking is to check if the title company still believes he has clear title to his condo. I’d inform them of the incident and the question that there might be a prior lien that is clouding title. Hopefully the title company will really look to see if they missed something.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Don’t rely on title companies to do the “walking” through title issues. Most of those policies, if you read them, don’t cover that type of ‘error’! And now, with all of this break in titles they are revising the policies even more in the fine print…..
      He would be better served to do the searching himself but I will bet you he does not take one single step to investigate. His whole demeanor tells me he is clueless about the current situations and as long as his pension check comes along with his SS check he could care less! Sticking your head in the sand always works for these people.

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