Kim v. JP Morgan Chase Bank | Michigan Supreme Court to Review Impact Of Failure To Record Mortgage On Subsequent Foreclosure Sale

Mich. SC to review foreclosure case against JPMorgan Chase

LANSING, Mich. (Legal Newsline) – The Michigan Supreme Court, in an order last month, said it will hear an appeal by one of the nation’s largest mortgage servicers in a case over a state foreclosure law.

In January, the state Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in favor of plaintiffs Euihyung Kim and In Sook Kim.

The husband and wife sued JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. in November 2009 seeking, among other relief, to set aside a sheriff’s sale of their home.

When the plaintiffs defaulted on a $615,000 loan from Washington Mutual Bank to refinance their home, JPMorgan Chase sought to foreclose by advertisement.

In June 2009, the mortgage servicer purchased the property at a sheriff’s sale for $218,000.

The appeals court ruled that JPMorgan Chase was not authorized to proceed with the sale under Michigan’s foreclosure by advertisement statute.

The defendant, it said, failed to record its mortgage interest before the sale as required by the law.

Soon after the court’s ruling, in February, JPMorgan Chase sought review by the state’s high court.

In a one-page order filed May 9, the Court granted JPMorgan Chase’s application.

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2 Responses to “Kim v. JP Morgan Chase Bank | Michigan Supreme Court to Review Impact Of Failure To Record Mortgage On Subsequent Foreclosure Sale”
  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    So….we go from the Appeals Court, who turned them down, to the State Supreme Court…..Odds are that Chase has found a judge to line his/her pockets. Let’s see how this plays out, shall we?

    • darmie says:

      Unfortunately, I have never seen one federal court or state appeals court which has not bowed to Chase. I have 6 boxes of documentation showing that Chase violated federal and state laws and failed to honor a mortgage agreement that they solicited and enticed me into entering to prevent me from going to the Credit Union. They also negatively impacted my credit by, “mistakenly” reporting me as delinquent. When I raised hell they corrected the credit reporting error and basically told me it was ok………Really? The Office of the Comptroller of Currency and The Michigan State Attorney General have stood by complacently while allowing Chase to, “lose Money from my Account” – Escrow and Mortgage. Chase erroneously reported interest paid for tax purposes and they broke an agreement signed by myself and them….The occ, fdic, ftc, and everyone else sat on their ass and did nothing when Chase was holding over $16,000. of my “f”ing money and sent a broker to my house for review of a short sale….the part that pisses me off most is that I was always overpaid on the “f”ing account….So what is our government doing? Michigan pocketed a few billion dollars and I saw none of it/…..Don’t hold your breath looking for Justice because where Chase is concerned Justice lies in their ability to sway our government away from the very laws created to protect borrowers….We need to start with our government and end the corruption there for a final fix….I know where I would start cleaning……come on 99% lets get the assholes out of OUR WHITE HO– USE AND Capitol buildings….Way past time to start over…Sorry for the rant, I just hate that flipping bank.

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