Sharon Bock | “The banks have been negligent, fraudulent and downright wrong” but there’s nothing I can do about it

“Several residents assailed Bock, accusing her of not doing enough to prevent fraudulent bank documents from entering the court record. Defending herself, Bock said she must leave such “policing” to the judges.”


Foreclosure woes persist in South County

WEST DELRAY — At Valencia Isles, a 793-home community in Palm Beach County, one house has been in foreclosure for four years.

“We have a few houses in foreclosure, and our biggest problem is getting the banks to move forward,” resident Ron Wertheim said. “They don’t return your calls.”

Even as foreclosure filings have slowed, stagnant cases are one of the lingering symptoms of the six-year housing slump. The fallout continues to be felt in Palm Beach County in the form of abandoned homes and a clogged court system.

About 70 residents, many of them representing homeowners associations, brought their concerns to Clerk of Court Sharon R. Bock and Roy D. Oppenheim, a national foreclosure expert, at a library here Monday night.

“There’s no question that it is a crisis,” Bock said. “This is a crisis for every single person in the United States. … The banks have been negligent, fraudulent and downright wrong in the way that they have handled it.”

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Lisa Epstein Clerk of Court 2012

To read more about a few Clerks that ARE doing something to protect the people that elected them Google their names below…

John O’Brien

Jeff Thigpen

Curtis Hertel

There are many more. Those are just the top three…


8 Responses to “Sharon Bock | “The banks have been negligent, fraudulent and downright wrong” but there’s nothing I can do about it”
  1. javagold says:

    throw this fucking scumbag Bock out on her lying ass…….send a message !

  2. Kathleen Burt says:

    We need an activist County Clerk, Lisa Epstein! We need to get those unpaid mortgage registration fees back from MERS on all those loans processed during the Boom. Sharon Bock intends to “leave this to the judges” while firing 100 clerks at a time when there are so many foreclosure documents to check that she’ has to pay overtime! Now she’s decided not to replace clerks who leave and to stop paying overtime. And the Lake Worth office is closing altogether.

    If Bock would go after MERS and collect the back fees from the busiest years in mortgage loan history, she wouldn’t have such serious financial problems, even with the legislature’s budget cuts..

  3. talktotennessee says:

    Registrars are the very people who can do something about the fraud. There is a disconnect between the defaulting party and those who can demonstrate fraud perpetrated on the municipality contrary to property laws and requirements. These people can actually do something where the homeowner has his hands tied. The banks have done a good job at hiding their crimes within their systems through entities like MERS. Homeowners and registrars in judicial states like Florida are in a better position than those of us in non-judicial states where we have no access to the courts throughout the foreclosure process unless we bring suit to challenge. Often we are then handicapped by not having enough information to challenge the banks in court. The key for us is to discredit legal standing for MERS.

    I don’t buy it that Florida can do nothing. Florida is one state that can throw a clunker into the machinery and the industry knows it.
    Florida would be one state where PALMS are greased and I don’t mean TREES!.

  4. John says:

    Lesson learned:

    keep getting on a regular basis the home filings at the court house printed out so you can show the court these happenings.

    Jury wouldn’t appreciate this happening and a good lawyer would have a field day with it in front of a jury!

  5. Ken Hansen says:

    There is one thing we can do. Never do business with these types of Banks again and build a better Bank ourselves.

  6. lies is all they tell says:

    Nothing she can do when her neighbors to her south are corrupt please spare us
    i want to help my sister who has a 2010 foreclosure with chase but
    what irritates me about this compensation plan is the after the robo signing scandal the banks all review their assignments in county records and if they were “robo-signed” they changed the assignment!!!!!! my sister has a foreclosure with chase. i checked the broward county records for her assignments and i found a Brian Bly assignment he is the lps dude from palm harbor florida and the notary was a california notary. that was when the news came out last year on 60 min. when i went in recently to print these docs to send for her info to the OCC the assignments were changed. the dates remained the same. Now how is that done with out the help of the county clerk. we do know florida is #1 in corruption and miami-dade/broward/palm beach are leaders with tampa bay, orlando, and jacksonville. so how can people ever have their fraudulent foreclosure ever compensated for if they have help changing the documents????? she was also given one of those predatory loans and the mortgage broker did a stated income loan on her although she is a respiratory therapist for 30 years. this is what they did and they seem to be getting away with it. not sure how to proceed now. but for her to say there is nothing she can do that just plain trivial and she is told to say that. please spare us

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  7. Beth A. says:

    It floors me that registrars accept virtually anything filed.

    So, the majority of county registrars are basically higher paid file clerks (except for those wonderful registrars who have put their foot down and are fighting fraud, of course).

    I can’t believe what was filed in the county for our home. The bank has attempted to steal the house right under our nose (no notice of foreclosure and no publications – required in MI).

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