Mark Siegel Democratic Party Chairman | Epstein’s decision to run against Bock “is definitely going to damage Lisa Epstein as the voice of the dispossessed”

“After a prolonged discussion in the lobby with the party chief, Epstein decided to run anyway. She submitted her papers and a $9,272.40 filing fee a mere 62 minutes before Florida’s noon deadline for setting the 2012 ballot.”


PBC races are drawn: Bock, Vana, Negron all draw late challenges

Democratic clerk candidate Epstein has also been the focus of much speculation. She opened a campaign in March with a pledge to use the clerk’s office to crack down on robo-signed documents and other suspicious foreclosure paperwork from lending institutions.

But after opening her campaign, Epstein talked with incumbent Bock and Democratic Chairman Siegel about dropping out of the race and working with Bock to weed out fraud. The three had conversations as late as Thursday night before Epstein decided to run and Siegel made a final plea at the elections office.

“We were hoping that they could get together without a primary and make a lot of progress,” said Siegel, who said he was not at the elections office specifically for Epstein but to provide general assistance to Democratic candidates. Siegel said Epstein’s decision to run against Bock “is definitely going to damage Lisa Epstein as the voice of the dispossessed. Now she’s just another candidate for office.”

Epstein said she weighed those arguments, but concluded “I would be remiss in coming this far and then backing away when there has been no measurable response besides an offer to have a collaborative effort on an anti-fraud campaign.”

After filing her paperwork, Epstein phoned Bock from the parking lot at the elections office. Bock said she was disappointed but had been gearing up for an election since Epstein opened her campaign.

“The job of the clerk is a job that is much wider than just the 2 percent of the cases that are in foreclosure,” Bock said. “It’s going to be a very interesting race.”

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This guy Mark is a real piece of work.


6 Responses to “Mark Siegel Democratic Party Chairman | Epstein’s decision to run against Bock “is definitely going to damage Lisa Epstein as the voice of the dispossessed””
  1. The incumbent is correct there is more than just the filing of the foreclosure complaint. There is the assignment of the Plaintiff’s credit bid at the Sheriff’s sale which prevents the Sheriff’s Office from collecting two percent poundage from the entire purchase price. There are those foreclosures that do not proceed to sale in order for the Lender to avoid paying real estate taxes and maintaining the property. There are those Defendants who are actively involved in loan modifications whose cases continue to move forward on the docket in violation of HUD guidelines. There are repeated requests for orders of sale and writs of possession which are obtained through the filing of praecipes without an existing Court order justifying the writ or the order of sale. Yes, there is alot more than just the filing of foreclosure complaints.

  2. Rob Harrington says:

    I fully support Lisa E for clerk of court.

    I cannot support democrats or republicans. Even the LIbertarian party choice for president is a “wall street crimes holocaust denier.” The 2 and 1/2 party system is a bogus sham.

    Bock admits that 2% fraud is tolerable? The 2% number is a sham and will continue to rise as the implosion continues.

    Vote for the person, NOT the party.

  3. Eugene Villarreal says:

    The Democratic Party like the Republican Party only wants to maintain their status quo and do nothing for the benefit of the public..

  4. Fed up says:

    I despise Democrats and Republicans well … they can eat dog fazoo then die.
    If I was in Lisa’s county I would certainly vote for her without hesitation.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      me to !!!! but the talk is crazy. they do not like being invaded from the outside. they like to keep their own in. dems or reps both. the article above is crazy. let the best person win. the one that can do the BEST job not the one who keeps satus quo. i dont see john obrien in mass keeping status quo. and how is is register of the deeds. witches were being killed and the register of the deeds was up and running no fraud back then.

  5. lies is all they tell says:

    they need to weed out the banster bought people who are running the clerks offices. how can sharon say there is nothing she can do when right next door we have miami-dade and broward county clerks committing fraud. my sister had 2 foreclosures in broward county onei n miramar and one in pembroke pines. on a 40k respiratory therapists salary so yeah she had mortgage fruad perped against her then to top off her pain i was going to help her appeal to the OCC. last year when researching my own foreclosure i looked at her records just to see all the paper work that is filed and what an “assignment” looked like. i could not beleive i found a Brian Bly assignment her mill was ben-ezera-Katz. with chase. brian bly is the dude from lps in palm harbor florida signing 1000’s of docs a day, the notary i researched is from california. i did not print it. now this week i went to copy it to send to the OCC and to my complete suprise the assignment is GONE. and who is responsible for letting chase/ben ezera change an already filed assignment. please…………..and sharon doesnt know this sheet is going on. ruining peoples lives. she is a widow trying to raise a daughter. any one want to take her case on an appeal for mortgage fraud/assignment fraud please email bro-bono would be great. she has no money.. after leaving her hhouse because of all the fraud and her adjustable mortgage she could not refi she moved 300 miles north to tampa bay and has been unable to find a job in her field. she returned to school to become a registered respiratory therapists in hope she can get a job but is looking for counsel to help her. she wants to sue the broker as well as an appealing her foreclosures for predatory lending
    before leaving south florida i tried helping her report these crimes to economic crime division in the FBI and they told us to call the mirramar ppolice dept. she has been giving the run around. i want to help her TY ALL

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