Jackbooted Thug from Chase Runs Over Homeowner, Takes Off, Police, County DA Fail to Prosecute

How long are we going to allow this to continue?

From a reader of the site…

On 30 April 2012, a hit and run incident occurred on my property. The unauthorized individual was spotted on the property trying to place and envelop containing a notification from Chase Bank. He was standing in my yard holding a camera in one hand and the notification in another. He said is was from “the mortgage company” but would not reveal his full identity. His truck was parked in my drive way, and as I proceeded to get his license plate number, he immediately climbed in the vehicle, put it in high gear and ran over me. I was rushed to the CMC ER with substantial injuries and the Mint Hill NC police and Mecklenburg County DA failed to prosecute the suspect and didn’t even file an accident report. Therefore, I could not get representation from any personal injury attorneys in Charlotte. All of this has been documented and a report/complaint has been filed by me with all law enforcement agencies in NC and the OCC — but nothing has been done as of yet. I am a disabled African American and I am appalled that no one from the African American Community with the exception of Congressman Mel Watt’s office is trying to get something done about the foreclosure situation. His office has communicated the problem to legal Aid, the Attorney General, and the US Treasury, but no one has come forward to solve the problem. Therefore, I would like to get my story on the internet through your blog if possible.

More to come on this individuals story…



5 Responses to “Jackbooted Thug from Chase Runs Over Homeowner, Takes Off, Police, County DA Fail to Prosecute”
  1. To Tell The Truth says:

    Did you get the license ? You do have a case and do use your homeowners insurance especially if the bank is paying for it!!!!

  2. Bobbi Swann says:

    Do you have homeonwer’s insurance? Why not put in a claim against the policy for the costs of the treatment? An investigator will take the information about the license plate, even if it’s a partial along with the description of the vehicle and they can find that person…..Are there any camera’s in the area? The gov’t is always watching us…..

  3. dRp says:

    From everything I’ve read you may have a good cause of action for breach of peace, if not an assault of some kind. You could include the DA and entities that failed in their duties, as well.

  4. Pamela Edwards says:

    This is terrible.Unfortunatley this is the way the banks and thier minions are allowed to act and get away with it.Entitlement and enablement are key factors in why this is allowed to take place.Doesn’t matter who you are,where your from ,what age you are or the color of your skin.That I believe is what they call the business model of today.Go to your nearest law school and see if they have a program that allows them to get involved and help you out.Sometimes this works.Go to Aclu maybe they can help.Best of luck to you.

  5. 1ofthemany says:

    that is truly disgusting what these robbers will do for a little change and speaking of CHANGE? the only change I see is nadda..SOS as always, boy has (prez )duped his 1/2 race as well as his other 1/2 race if he is indeed any of the races, not sure there is a human soul in there in any form with any of these tyrannical trolls ….makes you go hummm again and again, I hope this person gets some restitution they need to contact the NAACP but that is a big maybe as we are begin picked to the bone by these thugs both in the law side as well and the court side and every where in between, sounds like a puke fest on the general public, very vile behavior….Bless this person

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