Abigail Field | Sex and Drugs: No, Obama Won’t Prosecute the Fat Cats

Sex and Drugs: No, Obama Won’t Prosecute the Fat Cats

Below I give the details, but here’s the takeaway: the Obama Justice Department, led by star white collar criminal defense attorneys Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer–and the Obama SEC, led by former securities industry’s self-regulator Mary Shapiro and Deutsche Bank CDO lawyer Robert Khuzami, ignored the business records of a Wall Street madam that document a few thousand Wall Streeters’ use of her brothel’s services. They’ve also ignored traders‘ and executives’ widely acknowledged cocaine and prescription drug abuse.

That information is useful in coercing insiders into cooperating with the govenment. That’s key to successfully prosecuting the top dogs. For so long as President Obama’s law “enforcers” refuse to use such information, they are simply not serious about prosecuting any of the individuals who looted our financial system, wrecking our housing market and economy.

Wall Street’s use of prostitutes and coke has been in and out of the news for years, and I hadn’t really connected the dots. The accountability failure aspect was brought home to me by watching and re-watching Inside Job, that must see documentary on our financial crisis. Like the Citigroup merger power play, prosecutors’ commitment to tying their hands behind their backs is exposed in just a couple of minutes of the 108 minute film. That density is why the movie must be watched and re-watched.

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2 Responses to “Abigail Field | Sex and Drugs: No, Obama Won’t Prosecute the Fat Cats”
  1. sis says:

    This is absurd. Romney is the only one who could have gotten to the bottom of this crap. Observe that Obama’s biggest backers are the Wall St. bankers & brokers, especially Goldman Sachs, and he even allowed lavish pensions to the fat cats during the crisis, demanding they use bailout money to buy up smaller banks instead of lending it out to people-small business lending was completely cut after the crisis after billions had gone to these people.
    Wake up folks! Romney made his money by working hard.,,..,and giving 1/3 of it regularly to charity. Obama’s own brother is living in dire poverty-Obama’s promise to him during the 2008 election having been forgotten.
    “New boss same as the old boss” says it all.

  2. J. Alonzo says:

    This is for all Obama lovers. He is just like Bush and Romney. He helps the ultra elite as he continues the wars and Keeps printing money. Everything Bush did and Romney will do, with just a little bit less food stamps. Same thing, Ron Paul Revolution.

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