Nick Espinosa | My Mom to Citibank: Here’s your money. Bank: We don’t care. Home to be Auctioned Tomorrow

My Mom to Citibank: Here’s your money. Bank: We don’t care.

My mom, Colleen McKee Espinosa, has worked as a nurse for 22 years. She has paid her mortgage with Citibank for 16 years and raised three of us in her Northeast Minneapolis home.

This Wednesday, Citibank plans to auction off our home at a sheriff sale even though our family has the money to pay the mortgage and has been in discussion with the bank to arrange a payment plan.

As many of you know, I have had the privilege to work with Occupy Homes and help other Minnesota families fight foreclosure and keep their homes. Now I need to ask your help for my mom:

Please sign the petition to ask Citibank to let my mom pay her mortgage and stay in her home.

Last year, my mom, Colleen, attempted to pay her Citibank mortgage and catch up on three past-due payments on the indicated due date. The bank told her the home had already been sent into foreclosure. “I came up with the money I owed them but they wouldn’t take it,” she said.

My mom was reluctant to become an activist or public figure. “You aren’t going to bring those Occupiers to my house!” she told me. And she was embarrassed that she had fallen behind on her bills, even though she has worked hard her whole life and put together the money to catch up.

But as she faced the impending loss of our home, my mom joined forces with other Occupy Homes activists and began a community campaign to ask Citibank to negotiate a fair settlement that would let her keep her home and finish paying a mortgage that, until recently had only had three years of payments left.

After the Minneapolis Star Tribune1, the blog Crooks and Liars2, and others covered the story, Citibank officials contacted our family and said they were doing everything they could to resolve the case, assigning us a contact in the “executive response unit.” Despite this, it appears they the bank is moving to auction the home at a sheriff’s sale this Wednesday at the Hennepin County Government Center, after which time the bank would have no legal obligation to work with the family.

My mom and I are grateful to her neighbors, her union, the Minnesota Nurses Association3, and the St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association who have called for Citibank to negotiate to work out an agreement so our family can keep our house.

Please write to Citibank to ask them to let my mom pay her mortgage and stay in her home.

Thank you for your help and support,

Nick Espinosa

Occupy Homes MN

1. Minnesota Star Tribune, “For Occupy activist, battle on foreclosure hits home,” 5/1/2012

2. Crooks & Liars, “Mother of Three Fights Citibank on Foreclosure,” 6/8/12

3. Minnesota Nurses, “Support MNA RN Colleen Espinosa as she fights to keep her home!” 6/1/12


8 Responses to “Nick Espinosa | My Mom to Citibank: Here’s your money. Bank: We don’t care. Home to be Auctioned Tomorrow”
  1. They don’t care they want the house because all she owes now is 3 years so they want the home and the equity, they could easily take her payments if they waned to but remember Baksters = Mafia = Greedy in this country now call AmeriKa

  2. ANNE-MARIE says:

    I too was foreclosed upon twice. What I discovered in both situations is that it was NOT THE BANK that ushed through the foreclousre, but the LAWYERS AND JUDGES who make the decisions to move forward. In spite of the pay- off. They are the criminals who we should go after first as they are the visible persons.

  3. dRp says:

    We’re not talking “bank” in the sense of the word that we grew up to understand. Banks are part of the largest criminal conspiracy in the history of the world. They’ve done it before, but now with the internet and social media we can plainly see their unfair and deceptive practices while legislators do not a thing.

  4. usjustice4all says:

    This is a big issue for many many of us, I too had the money and we denied over and over. it is robbery and would the farkin people that are supposed to represent us, learn what the issue is, Banks are Mobs, organized!!!!
    I wish you luck, as a single parent fighting on my own for 3 years, I am tired too, and no one to help support, even though I have in common what over 10 million people have also, I believe there are only 90 million homes in the US, figure 2nd homes owned by 3%, so ya, there is more to come too, but the reps don’t care as they are paid well to produce nothing but hot air

  5. Those that love their homes and have invested in them are too emotional to see that they are most likely so far upside down on the value it would make sense to stop paying the bank, and stop maintaining the premises and get out asap! or at least start saving a down payment and pray someone will buy a cheap property for you so you can start over! No one wants to start over especially after age 60, and even sooner. The bank will make more money on a foreclosure, the bank doesn;t want your home? don;t believe that! California has new laws to protect you? dont believe that either. By the time they are all done with you she won;t even be able to rent an apartment, the best you can do for your mom is get on a first time buyer program, purchase a home and move her in! Maybe after the purchase you can put her on the deed at some point, do this so she doesn;t feel like a handout! Independent persons are demoralized over this whole situation! No one ever wanted a free house or dollars off, just a rate adjustment, affordable payment, and yes the investors were blamed! always blaming someone! Its is the economy stupid!!! remember that? no one is listening! show up to vote? most likely only those that have managed to keep their heads above water will show up, the rest are either too depressed or have given up on any government or system that is going too help them! Every packet that I finally get from the bankers, ftc or whoever it is all about protecting the bank, do you really think anyone cares about her financial situation? if it gets on the news or across someones desk they may get a phone call, it will change nothing! all a bandaid just for appearance sakes! No one is listening so before your mother is so stressed she doesn;t recall what day it is, can you kids possibly help her without pointing fingers and complaining? Legal Counself will most likely do nothing! the ones with the 1.5 class whistle blower on robo signing and the one with 3. for fraudulent appraisals! won

  6. Ken Hansen says:

    Citibank is going to make more money by steamrolling the family. This is the same all over the country. The title really says it all, the Banks *do not care* unless they can make money. Sociopaths.

    • john says:

      Sociopaths, indeed! Talk to a foreclosure defense attorney pronto! And then distribute this information to every Internet and news outlet you can think of—-the only thing the banks respond to is bad publicity. Good luck—-they are coming after me for a second time soon.

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