Dylan Ratigan | Beau Biden Talks Foreclosure Starts, Linda Green and the Mortgage Settlement

A recent report shows that foreclosures in the United States are up for the first time in 27 months, even after the Obama administration reached a $25 billion foreclosure settlement designed to help homeowners. Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden joins to discuss.



4 Responses to “Dylan Ratigan | Beau Biden Talks Foreclosure Starts, Linda Green and the Mortgage Settlement”
  1. Fed up says:

    Thank You Dylan Ratigan & Beau Biden

  2. talktotennessee says:

    Did anyone ever believe that states would not use the money to benefit their own little issues. You didn’t think any of those who were subjected to predatory practices or now losing equity on underwater mortgages would benefit? The banking mess is a “cash cow” for civil suits for those who can take a swig or two courtesy of the defaulting homeowner who has no real legal dog in the hunt. Government has not given teeth to those who were ripped in the housing mess. They are ignoring those most vulnerable or hurt by the housing crash.
    It isn’t as much about the economy (stupid) as it is about the housing market! Fix housing and confidence will be restored. Unfortunately no one and I mean NO ONE has held the banks feet the fire to force their cooperation and show no signs of doing so!

    • sam says:

      The government hasn’t given teeth because the government is the one creating the damage. They are the ones bailing out Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the banks and still allowing the banks to continue foreclosure. This is nothing less than very thinly veiled government economic terrorism of citizens in this country. The senate committee on banking is owned by JP Morgan and the the Goldman Sachs pirates have taken the government ship. Republican or Democrat, it appears that Congress, the White House and judiciary with rare exceptions are owned by corporate interests. Not sure what the answer is short of a revolution which was recommended by Thomas Jefferson every 40 years. What is happening is ridiculous. The “agreement” for $25 Billion was a drop in the $15 Trillion fraud and states stealing the money is unbelievable. They didn’t mention CA or AZ which are both eyeing Hundreds of Millions of dollars to steal. The banks also aren’t paying most of the $25 Billion-that is coming from write downs from the Mortgage Backed Securties which is owned by pension funds. So the tax payer is getting hosed 4-5 ways-loss of house by banks that don’t have a dime invested, bailing out banks with tax payer money, loss of money on pension accounts/retirement, loss of family and community-the damage is far beyond money. A lost generation of children with no place to live. All finally becoming serfs renting from billionaires that are buying up property for 5-30 cents on a dollar. This didn’t just happen, it was planned from the beginning. The banks sold the original mortgage 2-3 times, collect 5-6 times the amount of the mortgages that are in foreclosure, get special IRS REMIC treatment AND get the property back ALL WITHOUT A DIME OF RISK. Amazing-largest RICO racket/theft in history and none of our representatives seem to be able to do anything. Many like Bondi in Florida are completely sold out. I am sad and ashamed of our leadership-few have courage to change.

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