Florida Protects Banking Giant Lender Processing Services, Ignores Hurting Homeowners

Florida Protects Banking Giant Lender Processing Services, Ignores Hurting Homeowners

When June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards were called into a meeting last May with their boss at the Office of the Attorney General, they figured it was to talk about their promising new investigation. The two economic crime specialists were onto something big.

Florida was amid a staggering wave of foreclosures, but more and more homeowners were noticing odd problems: strange signatures, missing information, notary seals with no signatures. With multiple investigations underway, Clarkson and Edwards had zeroed in on a single company — Lender Processing Services — they increasingly believed was illegally feasting on underwater residents.

But as soon as they sat down, their boss cut to the chase: “You’re both done at the end of the day. It’s a done deal, all the way up to Tallahassee. You can either quit or be terminated.”

The two were shocked. In the year since their abrupt firing, they’ve come to believe their termination happened because they were close to uncovering mass fraud by companies with ties to top Florida officials. “All these machinations were going on, and June and I were completely oblivious,” Edwards says. “In hindsight, we were just so blind and stupid.”

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  1. victor says:

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    Just give it up.

  2. David Robert says:

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    Now imagine this kind of evidence in the hands of an x-Banker of 9 years who woke up one day and took their experience of being a Loan Officer in charge of 26 states and 2 years as a Loss Mitigation/Foreclosure Agent in charge of 11 states and now uses all that knowledge and insider information to help struggling homeowners.

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    • victor says:

      Imagine spam preying on folks in a jam, with a single line tacked on at the end to make this version seem relevant to this post.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Very good Victor! Using 4F website to promote business…now who would’ve thought?!!!

    • dRp says:

      “Whether someone is facing foreclosure or they are upside down this man has done it all. ”
      Do tell what man is this?

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