Union Co. Illinois Sues Big Banks, MERS (VIDEO)



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  1. Ali says:

    This has taken way too much time. The only answer I can come up with is GREED. They want to milk these securities for all they can before the party is legally over. Pretty funny, because they were never started legally. It is so obvious that the only obstical left is the judiciary, why are they not following their Judicial Cannons? Why has there not been an audit of these fraudulent banks and brokers? I think we all know why, money talks. Shame on you, and YOU know who you are. Everyone making money on houses they do not own. Just remember what goes around, comes around.

  2. talktotennessee says:

    Although this is a municipality tax recovery issue, it is critical that MERS’ forfeit legal standing as a construct of the banking industry designed to circumvent transfer requirements and avoid fees. If MERS is “disavowed” by the Courts of legal standing, it will be ‘mission impossible’ to foreclose on homeowners, putting the entire foreclosure process into chaos. Discrediting MERS would FORCE banks to write down principal and work with homeowners to modify underwater loans since it could tie legality of MERS to initiate foreclosure proceedings. MERS is listed as principal trustee in most recent notes in the U.S. Th Illinois suit is valid as a class action to recover tax revenue for property transfers. MERS will remove to federal court because Banks believe federal court will be more favorable to their position, less regional in their opinions, plus most banks call ‘home’ in one of the states like Delaware where banking regulations favor banks, which allows removal to federal courts.
    Expect big banking to “buy” off this little county, who professes to have lost only several thousand $$$ transfer fees, to make them “go away.”
    So far banking has been too powerful to force the truth! i Amazing that robo-signing, fraud, lies, duplicity and deception rules the day and Washington looks the ‘other’ way or panders to the Jamie Dimons of the world as he “splains” how he lost 2 billion of depositor’s money gambling on high risk ventures and NO ONE wants to jail him for it!!!!! In fact, they are fawning all over this crooked financier because he might stuff a little something in their campaign chests!
    What have we become in this country?

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