Where Food Stamps Go to Die

Where Food Stamps Go to Die

Nothing exemplifies the ghetto status of the U.S. economy more than the success of Wal-Mart in the face of the ongoing destruction of what was once a vibrant and strong middle class. In case you missed it, Marion Nestle, Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at NYU, came out with some interesting tidbits regarding the food stamp program. One of them is extraordinarily disturbing. She shows that Wal-Mart’s gets as much as 25% to 40% of revenue at some stores from food stamp dollars. This says it all folks. Food stamps are or course the perfect business for Wal-Mart and JP Morgan, which as I pointed out previously makes a lot of money running the program and keeping the populace in perpetual serfdom. Meanwhile, guess what another of the best performing stocks this year is? Corrections Corp of America, ticker CXW, up 41% YTD! Guess what they do? Yep, you guessed it. They lock up the serfs that get out of line. This is the Bloomberg description of CXW.

Corrections Corporation of America provides detention and corrections services to governmental agencies. The Company owns correctional and detention facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Services include design, construction, ownership, renovation, and management of new or existing jails and prisons, as well as long distance inmate transportation services.

There you have it folks. What sectors are leading the American economy in the “recovery”: Food stamps and Prisons. They are actually perfectly complimentary. If the food stamps don’t work the prisons will.

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3 Responses to “Where Food Stamps Go to Die”
  1. Ron Moss says:

    This makes the case for Ron Paul for President

  2. Sam Warren says:

    In the article “Where Food Stamps Go to Die”, there is a great lament that some Big Businesses get a large portion of their revenue from the poverty trade, like food stamps. It seems to me that the article is focused on the effects of poverty and never address the cause. The cause of poverty is spiritual, within the soul and heart of men. I believe that what we are seeing today is the effects of leaving out of our lives the God of the Bible, upom Whom this country was founded. When you abandon God, you also abandon true righteousness and justice, substituting instead man’s ideas of what is right or wrong.
    In short, a socierty doesn’t break God’s laws (which are eternal) it destroys itself by violating God’s rules and suffers the consequences.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      And he is coming back soon to take what is rightfully his! We have become a Godless country and we have allowed it even by our silence to those who have now instituted laws against God and taken away the most precious of our founding father’s principles. The evil has become like a plague over this land (and the world). We live in fear from day to day (fear of losing a job; fear of losing our homes; fear of losing our freedoms. etc.) but for me I have the inner joy of knowing that God will prevail over evil and so we must continue to be soldiers in his army.

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