The Biggest Banking Scandal The World Has Ever Seen… Until Next Week… (VIDEO)

Got Fraud?

It’s unwinding fast. Are you ready?


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  1. Mystify says:

    Just read Creature from Jeykl Island it’s a great history lesson and I recommend every us citizen read this book! It’s time to end the fed and take back what’s left of the USA. The top 99 percent are not going to like it when the rest of us start playing by their ” rules” . I am doing what they do…Nothing!

  2. Well…here we go again….

  3. DLC says:

    Fraud at the inception of the original note. Here we go again.

    My home loan has been tied to the LIBOR since 2003 and I’ve been at war with TBTF BAC since 2006.

    I can’t even go down this road, I’m closing in on beating BAC down for fraud, inter ali, and to pursue the LIBOR issue would only convolute an already convoluted mess.

    I hope others can take advantage of it but it appears that Washington will nullify the issue by failing to act as they have done with every other legal issue involving the Banks.

    The Beatles said it best is 1968 “We’re Gonna Have A Revolution”


  4. goi says:

    SO: you point out the ‘problems’ (albeit w/thout proof): what do YOU PROPOSE we do to ‘fix it’….???

  5. Mario Kenny says:

    so my Promissory is now Null and Void because the LIBOR was a fake I mean how much do I have to pay?

  6. Mario Kenny says:

    Quick open the door I think the LIBOR is smelling

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