The Daily Show Correspondents Explain – The Economy – Trickle-Down Economics


2 Responses to “The Daily Show Correspondents Explain – The Economy – Trickle-Down Economics”
  1. John says:

    Banks taking it all isold news to us that were around before the 2nd world war.
    Europe was financially broke and the Jewish bankers had all the money.
    Greed abounded and folks were losing everything.
    We won the war and those bankers came here.
    Now its our turn.
    Sad, but greed is destroying us.
    Look s like we would learn, but folks forget when it comes to money and they see a way to get some easily and the normal common folks stand by and let them.
    What pisses me off is the number of cemeteries all over the world filled with men my age that were just young men when they died to stop the banks back then and now to know its happening all over again.
    Breaks my heart that they died in vain!!!!!
    Like taking candy from a baby all over again!.

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