Obama Campaign Detectives Hunt for Foreclosed Florida Voters

Obama Campaign Detectives Hunt for Foreclosed Florida Voters

By day, Lynnette Acosta, a 34-year- old mother of two, is an information-technology manager in Orlando, Florida. By night, she’s a sleuth for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, scouring for potential voters.

In central Florida, that means knocking on doors in Hispanic neighborhoods with foreclosure rates as high as 30 percent, where once-registered Democrats have been evicted, their homes now owned by the bank. Volunteers walk house-to- house to determine the number of empty homes per precinct, then look for contact information for voters who once lived in them.

“It’s almost like playing detective, asking questions,” said Acosta, who is Puerto Rican and one of five campaign volunteers selected to join governors, senators and other officials serving as national co-chairs of the Obama campaign. “We take one door at a time, one person at a time.”

As Obama confronts a housing crisis that he’s acknowledged underestimating, his campaign is facing a different kind of foreclosure problem on the streets of Florida and other battleground states, where evictions have left holes in its voter lists. Volunteers like Acosta are central to the campaign’s effort to populate its databases with current addresses and working phone numbers to get out the vote.

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7 Responses to “Obama Campaign Detectives Hunt for Foreclosed Florida Voters”
  1. Fury says:

    obama could help his constituency by firing Geithner and Benrnanke immediately.

    the Fed needs to be dismantled.

    Obama needs to stop being a puppet of the banks and see that full restitution is paid to the victims of fraudclosure.

    and for God’s sake, he needs to stop listening to larry summers.

    starving children, homeless and destitute families are all the result of the securitization ponzi scheme and the
    conspiracy of libor.

  2. Dawn says:

    Actions speak lauder than workds! His supporters are finally waking up to the reality that Obama is a liar who only pretends to care when he wants your vote. His words and tactics are steight out of every Marxist playbook including Castro, Chavez, Lenin, Mao, etc….

  3. Charles Reed says:

    There was an Executive Order to not deport illegally immigrants children but legal America tax payers children have been deported illegally by Obama’s Ginnie Mae but he stop the States from legally deporting illegal groups of people.

    What do these America born children who’s parents are now faced with this crisis every day of where do we live, or when do we have to get out of where we are staying because we lost our home to Obama government owned company or some London rigged rate, that adjustable rate increased no matter what from 2003 until now as the Treasury should have at some point in time before the New York Times printed the article about a $300 trillion plus crime!

  4. Fed up says:

    Yoo Hoo Hey Obama here I am I am some questions for you too .
    Hey Obama where are you going? Come back!!!! Stop running!!!!
    Oh well….

  5. Mrs. Escandon-O'Rourke says:

    same here! they forged my signature and used our identity! CA RE Broker Jill Pfieffer ruin my life, Altisource is in city of sandiego records already and eminent domain is getting closer…fraud committed writing forged deeds by Argent-Ocwen LLC-WF-Homeq-Wachovia-BNC-FLGSBK-robosigner Joan H Anderson-Chase Bank, total is=$2million+! We wanted to press charges against the wrong doers but the DA sent instead the Mental Unit to my home as a surprise visit..thank God I was not alone! since Dec 2010 we have been declaring our mortgage fraud to the authorities but corruption is to big in my opinion and that’s a shame. We encounter a home owner taking sleeping pills during the day..he lost his home..the whole family lost their home at once..like a domino effect..7 homes, 7 families in a row! how sad., and Yes, homeowners are quite depressed because we don’t have any future at all in the job market at least in my case. the constant letters that I received from Ocwen is to tell me that they have reported me already to all the credit bureau and I won’t be able to rent anywhere…Marcus Momin from Ocwen told me that we mexicans deserve to be homeless…we receive calls from India-Ocwen Altisource with intent to intimidate…they are trained to be vicious..just to hurt your feeling and make feel bad about yourself…these “debt collector” that for some reason they believe they are the “BANK” when in FACT their ARE NOT! like Ocwen Financial dba Ocwen Loan Ser. LLC–where was RESPA for us?..and where is now?…We are helping our community with all these forged deeds that are floating around now, I am not the only one in this sick and cruel mortgage fraud…but instead of being depressed, I will keep writing to people that care and don’t care about me and my family-widow+ children at home—-people that care and don’t care :Kamala Harris -Bob Filner-DA Bonnie Dumanis-MAyor Jerry Sanders-CVPD Bejarano-Mayor Cox- and all the Banks involved. I will fight for my rights, A HUGE crime has been committed in my life, identity theft is punishable by the law… according to the FTC..and the FBI—let’s see how many get arrested, at least here in my Chula Vista City..homeowner are feeling scared with eminent domain…and I don’t blame them, it’s a shame that this happened in the United States also. I lived in Mexico in the 80’s and our president Lopez Portillo nationalized EVERY Bank and they took all our “american dollars” and in return they gave us “nuevos DEVALUATED pesos” I never imagine that I would be going through a financial crisis here in “America”..the land of dreams…what a shame. God help us all!

  6. Marj says:

    They must really think that people are stupid. I guess there are a lot of people out there that will run to this guy for help after he’s done nothing to help or stop this nightmare. If I hear one more time that we can help you “If you qualify” I’ll throw up. Why don’t they just reset everyones mortgage. See if that works. Do it for all and nobody can complain. A simple computer program can save homes and this country. Those who don’t need it will spend the extra money and create jobs. Use the KISS method, Keep It Simple Stupid.

  7. Heather says:

    gee if Obama had not done so much to throw those potential voters on the streets then maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to find them. I know that if Obama had done even a minutia of effort maybe I would care enough to vote for him. The way I see it, he gave trillions of dollars to the banksters so they could have gulfstream jets, and gold plated toilets and me well I have been unemployed for two years fighting to hang on to my house. He gave money to the banks so they could hire their tier 1 law firms to spend more than my house is worth to throw me out of it. Call me Obama, lets talk. Write in candidate anyone.

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