LIBOR Lies Defraud Billions, Yes; but Essential ‘Bank’ Fraud Costs 99% Trillions

LIBOR lies defraud billions, yes; but essential ‘bank’ fraud costs 99% trillions

Here are three stories to understand about criminal US economics:

  1. LIBOR criminal fraud that costs US local government agencies billions.
  2. Essential bank fraud that private corporations have authority to issue credit/loans to maximize their own profit rather than debt-free money and public at-cost credit. This annually costs trillions to the 99%.
  3. Essential fraud in government Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) cost trillions to the 99% each year

1. What is the LIBOR scandal regarding local US government agencies?

Ellen Brown is the US leading voice for credit and banking reform; in articles from March and July, 2012 she explains how the lies of private banks’ reports of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) defrauded US local governments of billions (Washington’s Blog also has excellent explanation and for manipulation in other markets, and I recommend Paul Craig Roberts’ analysis).

Criminal fraud with LIBOR works this way:

  • Local US government agencies were encouraged by investment and loan managers to enter into interest rate swap agreements to “save money.” This is buying insurance against rising interest rates for local government debt securities.
  • The terms of the swap cost billions more than falling interest rates: collective tens of billions were transferred from US local governments to almost exclusively JP Morgan, BofA, Citi, and Goldman Sachs.
  • Because the interest rates are now acknowledged as contrived, the swaps become fraudulent because these four banks sold a product without disclosing their own manipulation over interest rates.

2. What is essential bank fraud, and how does it cost us trillions?

The essential fraud of banks is they don’t lend money; they create credit (loans) out of nothing and then demand repayment with interest. These private businesses exist to maximize their own profit and create debt, not “banks” keeping people’s money safe and lending excess cash. Creating what we use for money as a debt with interest means US aggregate debt can never be repaid because this is what we use for money.

The essential fraud is to call a national debt system a “monetary” system, and that unpayable debt is somehow “good” for the 99%.

Money that is debt-free could be created by government for direct payment of public goods and services. This eliminates national debt and almost all local debts (the gross interest cost of the national debt that is never reduced but only increased is currently ~$450 billion/year). Debt-free money has three game-changing benefits: full-employment as government can be employer of last resort for infrastructure investment, optimal infrastructure, and falling overall prices because infrastructure contributes more to economic output than cost of inputs (documentation in my paper on monetary reform for the Claremont Colleges’ conference).

The annual benefits of money rather than debt are quickly calculated in the trillions with elimination of the source of all local, state, and national debt, having full employment, ever-improving infrastructure, falling prices, and far less crime. If credit became public rather than private, a state-owned bank could offer 2% mortgages and credit cards that would abundantly cover all state taxes.

3. What is CAFR fraud, and how can we reclaim trillions there?

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) disclose taxpayer surpluses in the trillions. For example, the state of California claims austerity from a $16 billion budget deficit while the state has $600 billion in surplus taxpayer assets the public doesn’t know about, “leaders” never discuss, corporate media never mention, and that could easily be restructured for financial success.

Hiding 35 times the deficit in a document the public doesn’t know about while saying we have “no choice” but austerity is “emperor has no clothes” obvious fraud. The collective state totals of CAFR taxpayer surpluses has been data-sampled at $8 trillion.

I summarize reforms in money, credit and CAFR here.

LIBOR lies defraud billions, yes; but essential ‘bank’ fraud costs 99% trillions was originally published on Washington’s Blog


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    2. A human being in America is like a boat or “vessel” hence the term citizen-SHIP.
    3. The world of Commerce is like the sea. A person is like a ship. The cargo one holds on deck are debts and/or collateral. The name on the boat is your name, but your name is NOT you.
    4. I, Sovereign Patrick Farrell/Secured Party Creditor, have taken my boat out of the sea, and placed it upon dry, Sovereign ground. The cargo I have been carrying, is held as collateral against the bond owed to me by The United States of America, which is the $1,000,000 bond value placed on my Birth Certificate, soon after my birth, for the use of my boat/vessel/body/energy to work.
    5. THEREFORE, any and all debts, associated with the trade name, PATRICK FARRELL are hereby discharged, as they are less then the amount of the U.S. Treasury bond of $1,000,000.
    7. STRAWMAN-“A ‘front’; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Nominal party to a transaction” [Black’s Law , 6th]
    8. We may also say that the straw man is a “person” according to the legal dictionary.
    9. “Person. 1. a human being. 2. An entity (corporation) that is recognized by law as having the rights and duties of a human being…” [Blacks Law , 7th Edition]
    10. “An entity, such as a corporation, created by law and given certain legal rights and duties of a human being; a being, real or imaginary, who for the purpose of legal reasoning is treated more or less as an human being.Also termed fictitious person; juristic person; legal person; [Blacks Law 7].
    11. A straw man may also be thought of as a “legal fict


      11. A straw man may also be thought of as a “legal fiction.” We’ve mentioned “legal fiction” and “fiction of law”, let’s see how defined.
      12. “Fiction of law. An assumption of law that something which is or may be false is true, or that a state of facts exists which has never taken place.
      13. An assumption, for purposes of justice, of a fact that does not or may not exist. A rule of law which assumes as true, and will not allow to be disproved, something which is false, but not impossible.” [Black’s Law Dictionary 5th]
      14. “Legal fiction. Assumption of fact made by court as basis for deciding a legal question. A situation contrived by the law to permit a court to dispose of a matter …” [Black’s Law 5th Edition]
      15. “Man” has a legal definition. “A human being. A male of the human species above the age of puberty. In feudal law, a tenant or feudatory.”Blacks Law, 5th
      16. “Man” is a term of nature, “person” is a term of the civil law. “Civil law … a rule of civil conduct prescribed by the supreme power of a state, the civil or municipal law of the Roman empire.” [Ballentine’s Law Dict, 3rd Edition].
      19. BIRTH CERTIFICATE- Functions as a Promissory Note, is also called the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, attached to the “vessel,” the body in admiralty/maritime jurisdiction.
      20. SOCIAL SECURITY CARD- Gov’t. record of bond and tracking number of all commerce.
      21. AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH- nullifies all previous adhesion contracts and power of attorney.
      22. SECURITY AGREEMENT- The “mortgage” which secures all property as collateral, associated with the “NAME” on the Birth Certificate, under the U.C.C.
      23. HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT- Indemnifies the flesh entity from commercial liability.
      24. COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT- punishes unauthorized use of my NAME.
      25. POWER OF ATTORNEY- I am in charge of all commercial/corporate affairs, not you.
      26. COLL


        26. COLLATERAL RECORD – List of everything on earth held against U.S.Treasury account.
        27. THE U.C.C.-1 FINANCING STATEMENT- The Assignment of Mortgage to the original owner and title holder [me the Secured Party Creditor] of the trade name on the Birth Certificate.
        28. When a human is born into this world, the Birth Certificate gets registered into the United States Dept. of Commerce, in exchange for citizen-SHIP.
        29. The name on the Birth Certificate, gets turned into ALL CAPITAL LETTERS [STRAWMAN] by the FEDERAL RESERVE, making it a “legal fiction” bonded with a value of $1,000,000 by the Federal Reserve, sold as a commodity, and used as collateral to print money by the FED.
        30. This separate entity, STRAWMAN/name in ALL CAPS is the “accommodation party/surety” of the Uniform Commercial Code §3-415. Therefore the right has been separated from the title.
        31. The bond is sold at some securities exchange by the Federal Reserve Bank, which then uses it as collateral in order to issue Federal Reserve Notes or other “debt obligation” (see 18 USC §411).
        32. The bond is then held in trust for the Federal Reserve at the Depository Trust Corp. at 55 Water Street, [the Tower of Power] in New York. Standard and Poor’s rating agency is on the 41st floor. They account for the births and deaths of the collateral to adjust CUSIP valuations.
        33. The Governor of the state you were born in, “pledges” your life, labor and energy via registration of your birth certificate, to the United States Dept. of Commerce, to pay the never ending debt which is “interest” to the FEDERAL RESERVE. This is “money of account”.
        34. The ALL CAPS NAME on the Social Security Card is the trade name, the Social Security number, is the tracking number of all commercial affairs, the RED NUMBER on the back of the S.S. Card is the Exemption Bond and CUSIP Number.
        35. The acronym CUSIP historically refers to the Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures, which was founded in 1964, during the

  2. Richard F. Kessler says:

    This article advances a flawed theory of bank fraud whose advocates prefer to ignore facts. It overlooks the real problems illustrated by the Libor expose. First, Libor is a flawed index which utilizes unreliable data. It requires participating lenders to make guesses about the value of hypothetical loans made to the lender. It invites abuse and manipulation. The question therefore is how come the banking industry and its regulators, having been aware of these defects since before 2008, continued to allow use of the Libor to set interest rates for trillions of dollars of commercial transactions. It also provides another example that banks which have become too big to fail have also become too large to be honest. Liars become rich and are never held to a count or punished for their crimes. Instead, only the honest remain poor and victimized. How much longer will the American electorate put up with this? When will we start to elect people to national office who will confront these issues and start to reform our financial institutions? Instead we continue a conspiracy of silence. We elect officials who tacitly agree not to talk about a subject to which voters do not want to discuss.

  3. marilyn lane says:

    continued from below: There is not a Bank charter that allows a Bank to lend their credit.

    And as we continued to make monthly payments the Bank collected more money on their fraud.

    You try writing a check when you don’t have funds sitting in your account to cover it.
    You can be sure that check is coming back marked”insufficient funds” You are not allowed to do it and either is a Bank.

    This scam of Ultra Vire contracts caused injury to us, the true homeowners.

    In addition the banks are laundering “bad checks”.

    The Banks violate Truth in Lending Laws.

    The Banks are collecting Interest on money that doesn’t exist. (Lending you 5% and collecting Interest on 95% of thin air)

    And once the Bank gets their Ultra Vire contract going, they start flipping them to MERS, Securitizations , Wall Street, Title Companies etc. there is no shortage of people all wanting to get their piece of the illegal profits.

  4. marilyn lane says:

    The abominable banking system that is in place today, gives a bank great incentive to foreclose on an Ultra Vires contract, as the bank demands lawful money returned for the unlawful money lent.

    By what Authority are the Banks doing this? There is no authority for doing this. This is in complete prohibition to Art 1 Para 10 Cl1 of our US Constitution.

    All of our cases with slightly different facts all stem from the same Fraud.
    The Bank did not lend you ‘LAWFUL MONEY” but the Bank intentionally wrote
    a “bad check” and gave it to you –to circulate as “money”

    I certainly did not know this kind of fraud was going on when I signed my mortgage and note. Did you?

    The Mortgagor puts up a down payment, the Mortgagor pays a lot of fees and probably paid an attorney to represent them, all in order to get this “bad check”

    Would a Mortgagor have put in all that money, if one knew the truth of how the Banks ran their illegal business. I bet not.

    Did anyone notify you after that big day – the Bank’s check bounced – of course not. When the check that the Bank wrote came back to the Bank that wrote it, the bank didn’t say “we only have 5% , if that much and it was not stamped “insufficient funds” the bank stamped it “paid”

    So since the Bank did not have the money sitting in the bank’s account when they wrote the check, what the bank gave you is their credit.

    That is exactly what is prohibited by Art. 1 Para 10 Cl 1 of the US Constitution.

    What authority gives the Bank the right to make contracts with “bad checks”

    Nothing- Nada.

    “Lawful money” is needed to make a contract valid.

    Over and Over Mortgagors gave a Bank a mortgage on their castle , in return for a Bank giving you a credit entry on their books and charging you Interest on this credit. Also illegal.

    Did the Bank give you lawful money or is that what you got, credit?

    Banks are not allowed to lend their credit- Banks are in the business to lend
    “lawful money” There is no

    • Everyone is so ignorant and solutions exists like proposed by the article writer, but everyone is also so selfish that everyone ignores what can be done to do good and improve change for the better. AlsoAuthority by law exists for banks to lend money, but not credit, in Title 5 of United States Code, but right now I do not have that definition and law at hand to post – so write me if you care to abate the public nuisance as proposed at my website.

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