Bankers being Arrested and Charged! (VIDEO)

The former Chief Executive and Chairman of Anglo Irish Bank has appeared in court in Dublin charged in connection with financial irregularities at the bank.
Seán FitzPatrick was charged with 16 offences under Section 60 of the Companies Act.

He is accused of permitting Anglo Irish Bank to give financial assistance to Patricia Quinn, her five children and ten senior clients of the bank who became known as the ‘Maple 10’, to enable the 16 to buy shares in the bank.

He was granted bail to appear in court again on 8 October for service of the book of evidence.

Mr FitzPatrick was arrested by arrangement at 5.37am this morning after getting off a flight at Dublin Airport.

The 64-year-old was then taken to the Bridewell Garda Station where at 8.08am he was charged with the 16 offences.

Mr FitzPatrick did not speak during a brief hearing at the Dublin District Court this morning.

Detective Sergeant Brian Mahon of the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation, on secondment to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement, told the court that when he arrested Mr FitzPatrick he cautioned him and asked him if he understood. Mr FitzPatrick replied “I do”.

The detective told the court that Mr FitzPatrick replied “no comment” to each of the 16 charges.

His solicitor Michael Staines told the court that when Mr FitzPatrick became aware the gardaí were looking for him, he contacted his solicitor and organised to meet them this morning.

There was no objection to bail and Mr FitzPatrick was remanded to appear before the court again on the same day as two other former senior Anglo executives, Willie McAteer and Patrick Whelan, who were charged yesterday.

As in their cases, the court also heard the Director of Public Prosecutions has directed that Mr FitzPatrick be tried on indictment, which means his case will also be sent forward to the Circuit Criminal Court.


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  1. Laura says:

    He must be a real nobody to be the sacrificial lamb or……………. who’d he tick off?

  2. A good start! Now let’s do as Jackson did!

  3. charley rice says:


    • Joi says:

      @Charley Rice – That’s too funny…..But I hope hope real and real soon. It can’t come quick enough.

  4. Ron Moss says:

    Crime does pay. I need to tell my kidss, I taught them all wrong.

  5. ladyboss says:

    sorry didn’t see them was very frustrated

  6. Caroline says:

    At least it is a start. And, the fact that he is a the former CEO and chairman, he’s not exactly a small fry! Let’s hope the momentum gains speed and crosses continents across the Atlantic!

  7. ladyboss says:

    At least that country has ethics it’s not happening here and
    we as citizens need to rmake sure it happens here
    Impeach Pam Bondi if anyone would like to sign a petion I start on
    your money is better off in Ireland where Bankers ane put in jail
    Floridians need to take Florida back corruption is rampant
    your choice do you like the CHANGE you were promised things certainly did CHANGE

  8. Mario Kenny says:

    here we go again taking out the Irish peeps, the small fries, but the sharks are still free

    • ladyboss says:

      Have you ever seen the movie The Island if not rent it
      We are on The Island promised democracy and we bought into
      this and totally trusted and put our lives, homes, children into a philosphy
      that we are Americans we are the land of the free how free are we
      can’t sell your house you will get half of what it is worth kids cannot take out
      loans for school becomes a house payment and they graduate no jobs their
      credit goes bad
      so the question is when do WE say it Stops not THEY are you waiting for the
      government to what your back because buddy they took your shirt off of it

  9. Katheryn says:

    Hmmm…bankers arrested….what a novel idea! It will be an even better idea when it happens here in the US.

    • Joi says:

      @Kathryn…You are absolutely correct. I agree with you 110% and until they start arresting these culprits in the US this fraud will stop.

      • ladyboss says:

        WE ARE THEY
        We voted we live in a democracy right ?
        Who is willing to do something NOW
        if WE don’t your children and children’s children will be hurt
        Gandhi said We need to start being the change ( sorry if the quote is not accurate )
        What about a Town Hall ? Seriously our futures are staring us in the face
        It is called being responsible canno

    • AL says:

      this is just same garbage from them…they “supposedly ” cut the small heads to fake an action is been taken…plus when they go to jail they live like kings…and after some months when they silence the “media”….well everything normal again…

      what a piece of crap……

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