Matt Weidner | The Government and Bank Sponsored Attacks on Americans Continue… With Fury! (VIDEO)


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  1. qny81 says:

    Write in Dr. Ron Paul for president 2012. He has been talking about this bubble to Congress since 2005, before it burst. We need to vote for someone different. Obama/Romney are the same thing. They will help the banks, not the people. We need to end the Fed and copy what North Dakota does. The Fed is owned privately and we print the money and give it to the Fed and they lend it to us at INTEREST! Dr. Paul suggested we cut $1.3 trillion from the debt by ELIMINATING THE DEBT WE HAVE WITH THE FED!!!! Of course the media did not talk about this. The people would want this and it would destroy the Fed. North Dakota is are the only state that is not suffering because they have a state bank that lends the government money at 0% interest so they don’t have debt/ They are able to lend to the community at 2%. This is what all of the states need. Read up on it and get the word out.

  2. Consumer007 says:

    Allisunra why don’t you just get rid of cops and firefighters too? You are a dolt. Get rid of those not doing their jobs, don’t destroy tge whole infrastructure. I’m so sick of people like you who distract with dumb non-solutions.

  3. Consumer007 says:

    Excellent. You really need to partner with Alan Grayson and the makers of Inside Job movie if you haven’t already to get this information out to a much bigger audience.

  4. allisunra says:

    I intended to say “credit union” the cash rather than bank it….lol

  5. allisunra says:

    Since counties, cities, municipalities, states are all hurting for money I suggest that we simply eliminate every regulatory body in the entire country…just defund them since they are virtually useless and bank the extra cash.
    Perhaps we ought to eliminate the court system (particularly those related to foreclosure) as well since they appear to be virually useless, and seldom help homeowners recover the homes being stolen by bankers who demand a “free house”.

  6. Michael B. Dickson says:

    Good point about the LIBOR Mr. Weidner. But you didn’t touch on the fact that the LIBOR controlled directly the amount of the payment of every ARM mortgage. By manunipulating the LIBOR you effectively increased the majority of mortgages in the US. Directly causing house payments to rise beyond the ability of homeowners. You see the banks intentionally caused the housing bubble for profit.

  7. ladyboss says:

    you have my vote I know your intentions…..
    sharing this on my Facebook…

  8. JR says:

    always a great message, you need to run for attorney general, I will work got you campaign. We need a new one, as well as a new governor

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