“We The People” | How To Save an American Economy – Movie Trailer

How to fix an American Economy

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“We The People” is documentary that will explore what happened to the American Economy and many real-life solutions to fix it. The core values of this film will focus on :

– Holding people accountable for the actions
– Strengthening the middle class (driving force of our economy)
– Bringing jobs back to America
– Bringing production back to America
– Inspiring innovation
– Better our educational system
– Getting money out of politics
– Inspiring Americans to help each other
– Bringing back morals and ethics
– Resolve American Debt Crisis
– Control military spending and federal funding

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As of 2012, America is at the brink of collapse, despite what the mainstream media feeds the public. We will show you how money and politics are the root of the problem. Through meticulous research and eye-opening interviews with politicians, journalists, financial professionals, and academics, etc. this film examines over 200 years of corruption and lets the audience judge through a center-driven, non-partisan view what is really happening behind the curtain. The film will educate the nation’s people about the power they hold in numbers, but rarely use when needed the most. Morality and accountability is reinforced over and over again to inspire the American people to put their governments ethics back in line, remove the money from politics, and dramatically lower the gap between the rich and poor. The middle class is the working engine that drives this nation and it is being extracted at an historic rate. This movie is a motivational tool and a call to action for all Americans to stand together and face the historic challenges ahead of them so that we can all can bring back the American Spirit and be prosperous once again.

WE THE PEOPLE is directed by international award winning filmmaker Adam Forgione and co-produced by Chris Forgione and David Matthew Walters. Written by the Citizens Gateway crew and you.

Techincal Info :
Project is shot entirely on Canon 5Dmkii Cameras and L-series Canon lenses.
Music is composed by our very own talented Hollywood film composer Niels Nielson (except for 1st track in trailer, licensed through audio jungle)
All images and music are used with permission or are original content.
Color graded with NewBlueFX, Interviews recorded with Shure VP89M shotgun and Roland R44 field recorder. Cut in Final Cut Pro 7.

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2 Responses to ““We The People” | How To Save an American Economy – Movie Trailer”
  1. Mystify says:

    Vote Ron Paul, end the fed and the money comes back to the usa

  2. John says:

    Borrow the money from China, pay off everyones mortgage and with the money folks were paying on mortgages, stipulate they must buy only American made products.
    This will kick our economy off faster than anything else.
    We owe less on all mortgages than what the government is throwing away.
    Folks don’t spend when they are afraid!

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