Lisa Epstein Sees Role For Clerk In Foreclosure Crisis

Lisa Epstein Sees Role For Clerk In Foreclosure Crisis

Nurse and mortgage fraud activist Lisa Epstein is challenging incumbent Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller Sharon Bock in this month’s primary election.

Both Epstein and Bock are Democrats, but since there are no other candidates in the race, the Aug. 14 election is open to all county voters. The winner will claim a four-year term.

Epstein is a graduate of George Mason University who has been living in Palm Beach County since 1997.

Working as an oncology nurse, she began investigating lenders in 2007 when she noticed changes in the traditional response from mortgage lenders regarding her cancer patients saying they would work out something with their families to pay their mortgages.

“Something changed in 2007, and their families and I weren’t able to get anywhere, and it really weighed on my suspicions,” Epstein said. “Something had changed. Something was different.”

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