FAIL | PB Post – Two Years After Foreclosure Probe Launched, Bondi’s Investigation Winds Down

“Despite hundreds of foreclosure-related complaints against attorneys, not a single Florida lawyer who represents banks in foreclosure cases has been disciplined for foreclosure fraud by the Florida Bar.

And all of the major players, including leaders of the Law Offices of David J. Stern and Boca Raton-based Shapiro & Fishman, remain members in good standing with the Bar.”


Two Years After Foreclosure Probe Launched, Investigation Winds Down

By Kimberly Miller

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

The news conference was called. A five-paragraph statement issued.

It was Aug. 10, 2010, and then Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, a candidate for governor, was making his move against three of the state’s largest and most feared foreclosure law firms — ones he suspected of illegally speeding cases through the courts with forged and fraudulent documents.

Thousands of final judgments of foreclosure may have been the result of illegal activities, the news release said.

Two years later, one firm has inked a $2 million settlement with the state.

The other law firm investigations, which came to total six by last summer, are “winding down,” Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office said Friday.

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5 Responses to “FAIL | PB Post – Two Years After Foreclosure Probe Launched, Bondi’s Investigation Winds Down”
  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    She’s worthless. A puppet. A brain-dead blonde. A politician’s coveted friend. A voter’s worse nightmare. And finally, she just makes me puke!

  2. Beth A. says:

    Worthless politician who has done little if anything for homeowners dealing with bankster fraud. Everytime I see her stupid, bloated, deer-in-the-headlights face on Fox News one more time I think I’m going to scream.

  3. J. Alonzo says:

    She is to busy prosecuting the Sheeple. The Banksters and their friends won’t be touched. She is a real bank loving republican neocon.

  4. Anynomous says:

    It is Bondi prostituting herself to the banks like a wh… She is not literally sleeping with the banksters…unfortunately – as this would be less harmful. She just has no brain to make the right decisions or see the big picture. It is like being a cheerleader cheering for Micheal Vick and being proud if it because you feel so pretty. I think she feels pretty. She is a dumb blonde and I am getting close to color my hair….

  5. Mario Kenny says:

    why should she punish the people who gave her money and votes? regardless of whatever crime they perpetrated

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