Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte’s Parents Face a CitiMortgage Foreclosure in Florida

Ryan Lochte’s Parents Face Foreclosure in Florida

The parents of U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte are facing foreclosure in Florida.

According to a lawsuit filed in May in Volusia County, CitiMortgage is suing to foreclose on Steven and Ileana Lochte. The bank is seeking to recoup $250,000. The news was first reported by TMZ.

Court records show that Ileana Lochte asked the court to dismiss the case last month. Messages left Saturday for her attorney were not immediately returned.

The Lochtes divorced last year. Court records did not show whether Steven Lochte had an attorney. Both parents have been in London recently to watch their son compete.

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6 Responses to “Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte’s Parents Face a CitiMortgage Foreclosure in Florida”
  1. KT says:

    I felt this was pretty low of the Media to post this story, however ,having it posted here seems to be the right place for it….

    Has anyone dug into this story, maybe this might be a good story to expose the fraud? Im in the process of finishing up this families title search….many players and fraud to go around…

    Thanks for posting this story, many veterans of this fight could be very helpful.

  2. Blue Floridian says:

    I agree that it should not be posted everywhere and here. Yes, more than likely they are like many other families. If it is not a financial burden then maybe they have a house severely underwater, which is also the case in Florida and economically it does not make sense to hang on especially in light of a divorce. However, that said, there is unfortunately still a tremendous stigma and shame attached to a foreclosure. The persons such as myself who defend families day in an day out have not been able to clearly win the argument that the persons who are facing this horrendous burden are not the ones at fault. This has been especially true when the allegedly liberal, progressive President of the Country pushes the myth that some people borrowed more than their means. Homeowners are still getting their teeth knocked out in court even in cases of clear cut fraud. Publishing what must clearly be a painful reminder of their personal losses at a time of their sons greatest triumph has got to be hurtful even with a valid explanation.

  3. proseway says:

    This story does not belong on this site. I thought 4forclosurefraud understood the pain of foreclosure. Why would you feel the need to embarrass this family. Take the story down.

    • Fury says:

      rather than “embarrassing” the family, it shows the stress of f/c and how so many people have been
      devastated by it.

      the lochtes live in florida; a state that leads in f/c.
      their story is no more “embarrassing” than any other story about the loss of people’s homes.

      in fact, it shows the courage of mrs. lochte in shielding her children from the horrible stress
      that comes with foreclosure. she had not told them.

      most people feel tremendous empathy for the lochte family.
      they made many sacrifices in helping ryan to achieve his goals.

      can you imagine what would have happened to ryan’s olympic performance had he known what was going on with the family home? how could he have ever put it it of his mind?

      in or family, we have thought of little else in the years since being defrauded, even on christmas day.
      we are fighting for our homes.

      i am happy that ryan will have money through his olympic wins and endorsements
      and will no doubt help his parents.

      many others are broke due to fighting f/c with no one to help them.

    • woodknotgo says:

      @proseway-This story is making headlines everywhere ! It should be posted here too.
      Perhaps someone will read this and help the Lochte Family ! or contact CITI !
      It is also public record. http://www.clerk.org Case #2012 31490 CICI
      It is an embarrasment for Citi Bank !

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