Daily Kos | Know friends or family in Palm Beach County?

Know friends or family in Palm Beach County?

If you do, please pass this article by Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith along, as she joins Alan Grayson, Neil Barofsky, Matt Stoller, Anya Stiglitz, John O’Brien, Jeff Thigpen, David Dayen, John Aravois and numerous other commentators who have been integral in bringing the foreclosure fraud, bank mortgage abuses and Wall Street behavior to light over the past few years.


Get Everyone You Know in Palm Beach County to Vote for Lisa Epstein for Clerk of the Court Next Tuesday

You can read more about Lisa Epstein at her website, http://www.lisaforclerk.com/…

She and her opponent, incumbent Sharon Bock, are registered Dems, however the primary on Tuesday is an open primary, so any registered voter can and the victor on August 14 becomes Clerk for 4 years.

Help somebody who’s been helping all of us, GOTV in Palm Beach County!

Full article here…



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