Must be God’s Work – Goldman Says SEC Drops Probe into its Role in MBS Deal

Goldman says SEC drops probe into its role in MBS deal

(Reuters) – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has dropped an investigation into Goldman Sachs Group Inc’s role in selling $1.3 billion worth of subprime mortgage securities, the investment bank said in a regulatory filing on Thursday.

In February, Goldman received a so-called Wells notice from SEC staff related to disclosures in the deal’s offering documents. Such notices typically indicate the agency plans to take some kind of enforcement action, and gives firms a chance to respond.

On Monday, the SEC notified Goldman that the investigation had been closed and that it did not intend to recommend any enforcement action against the bank related to the offering, Goldman said in its quarterly 10-Q filing with the SEC.

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9 Responses to “Must be God’s Work – Goldman Says SEC Drops Probe into its Role in MBS Deal”
  1. chitown2020 says:

    Well, it could only be the work of the God of hell.

  2. 1ofthemany says:

    Conflict of interest plain and simple!! @ tnharry…And I will keep the gun rights people as we may need them. Most are x-military.. contrary to what you have written here, schooled very well on how to kill with your tax dollars. I know this first had as my father and nephew (to name only two) were snipers which bent the brain of those humans horribly.They do know the real deal, if you are x-military maybe you should take a trip down memory lane. You may do yourself a huge favor by at least thinking for a moment what would happen if you and many others did nothing …kinda like what is happening now with this financial Crisis.
    A- learn how to shoot, what ever your choice of weapon is or stand and prepare to die.
    B- pull only when you know you will use it and use it as your life or loved ones lives may depend on it.
    C- you and yours will have no one to help you when the economy goes to hell
    D- don’t like guns.. there are many other way to skin a cat if your noodle works that way. so ready and protect yourself regardless, our time seems to be coming due to the lack of humanity on the hill and on wall street
    ….remember the riots in CA ??only the people protecting their business/home/family were untouched unlike many who were beaten and stolen from and the property damage was bountiful!!!Remember Katrina.. how many people were murder, how many children raped and so on, they took away the guns so all were in shock from many angles, not just from having no guns, they had Nothing and that my fellow man was a test.. only a test to see what we would do and we failed miserably just as we are today.
    so now back to the other marauders of our banking cartel crime scene of today. Good luck. Plan for the worst pray for the best. A sling shot armed properly will do as much damage so thinks about it for just a moment.Blessings
    back to the subject of this post, conflict of interest and pure evil fraud and we could go on and on but why as we do nothing.

  3. Anne-Marie says:

    Well well, the FOXES who stole are the ones investigating thdeir cohorts in the fraud. What a joke when you know the players. Send them all to prison for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

  4. talktotennessee says:

    And you expected WHAT?
    Justice, honor, dignity, integrity?
    Surely you jest! Both parties PROSTITUTE/whitewash the players. There is little hope for regulations from either party, both sold out.. Trouble is society in general is so dumbed down to covet only their basic frivolous pursuits like gun rights, gay and abortion issues. things that never change but inflame the public none-the-less. As long as the GOP can stir up their base on these issues, they will win and continue to rape the public with their support of Corporate plutocracy.
    Give them their assault guns!
    Stop Abortions and stifle gay rights!
    There will be nothing to argue WITH for the GOP. They would have to stir up something new, wouldn’t they? Like the economy, which none of the southern redneck gun totin’ couch potatoes, running their weekend, four wheelers even understand in the first place! Are we far away from voting with our X as long as the box is for a pandering Republican who is laughing all the way to the bank as soon as the ballot is cast?
    Just to satisfy Romney supporters. Obama and Company with banking buddy Geithner is not much better!

    • Wayne says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better ….. Thank You talktotennessee, excellent post. The Republicans will truely make it worse. They will deny things like wet ink originals and say things like “So what your note was turned into security … you owe someone, so just pay him or him or that guy over there, but pay someone”. They don’t care and I know first hand cause the State of Arizona is Run by the Republicans and financed by Bank of America. These are the comments coming from the Attorney General’s Office. At least with Obama I have a chance even though I think he could do a lot better at this.

      • Herman Vergara says:

        HSBC Bank USA can continue now with it’s *MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS*. There is nothing to worry about.
        Bank crime shouldn’t pay.

  5. charley rice says:

    Guilty verdicts, consent decrees, means GUILTY…

  6. Herman Vergara says:

    Very good news for: HSBC Bank USA. Now it’s *MONEY LAUNDERING OPERTATIONS* can continue, without any worry.

  7. Sarah says:

    It’s hopeless, even if evidence indicated Goldman Sachs was behind any number of assaults on the human race, they are above the law. Is it stunning, to the point of being surreal, how a Bank is untouchable?

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