Democratic National Committee To Pull Funds From Bank Of America

Democratic National Committee To Pull Funds From Bank Of America

Bank of America is likely about to lose a very prominent customer.

The Democratic National Committee will announce some time in the next few days that it’s pulling some of its business from Bank of America, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing a “Democratic Party official.” Instead, the organization will keep its money at union-owned Amalgamated Bank. The process of moving all of the DNC’s money to Amalgamated will be completed after the election, according to the paper.

The move could make things a little awkward between the DNC and President Obama’s reelection campaign, which uses BofA for its banking needs. And as the Wall Street Journal notes, Obama will accept the Democratic presidential nomination at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., where the bank is headquartered.

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3 Responses to “Democratic National Committee To Pull Funds From Bank Of America”
  1. chitown2020 says:

    Kind of looks like some are abandoning ship?

  2. Pamela Edwards says:

    I too miss my parents gone these many years but like Bobbi Swann am glad they are not here to see that everything they worked for so hard is going down without a fight.They would be rolling in thier graves if they only knew.My Grandma used to say “chickens got a funny way of coming home to roost” and she was so right. In the words of someone from our new generation I would have to say “bring it on”.If you give a dance you have to pay the band.So let’s dance.

  3. Bobbi Swann says:

    Surpise, surprise, surprise! Ya know, I miss my deceased parents continually, every day but I am ever so grateful that they are not here to witness how the legacy that all have left to us is being destroyed and we do nothing to stop this (illegal) president with his overwhelming smile that seems to put all in a semi comotose state! As my mom would say ‘the proof is in the puddin’….and we keep stirring the pot as if it will somehow get spun into gold. I prefer to go down in glory than to face my maker and be asked “Why?” So BIG BROTHER, if you’re watching, let it be known that I am a warrior of God and his power will overcome all evil!

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