“Citizen Warrior” – A Tribute to Our Friend Lisa Epstein

“Citizen Warrior” – A Tribute to Our Friend Lisa Epstein

An oncology nurse
With a kind heart
Her patients were struggling
She’d do her part

Lisa quickly became
A “Citizen Warrior”
She changed occupations
But was still fighting cancer

The banks had their lawyers
and money from TARP
But we had the gal
In her trademark scarf

While you waited in vain
For your loan mod
She was at the court house
Rooting out fraud

Lisa challenged the banks
foreclosure mills and MERS
Standing up for what’s right
And what’s rightfully yours

She brought us the Hamlet
A community website
Where we share information
About our fraudclosure fight

She informed us on robosigning
and coined a new term for MBS
On MSNBC she called it
“Malicious Bankers with Syphilis”

Then Lisa had the courage
To run for Clerk of Courts
Leaving it to Michael and others
To hold down the fort

A loss for Palm Beach County
They kept their stand pat clerk
Welcome back, “ Citizen Warrior”
There’s still plenty of work

By Wrongedfellow



18 Responses to ““Citizen Warrior” – A Tribute to Our Friend Lisa Epstein”
  1. Kathleen Burt says:

    THANK YOU, Lisa! And the fight goes on.

  2. Peggy says:

    May God continue to bless you for your courage and generosity that we all have benefited from – Thank You – You will remain an inspiration to us all – Keep the faith!

  3. Thomas says:

    Lisa, with you HOPE can not die.

  4. Eugene Villarreal says:

    Just having the courage to run against the established machine is monumental. We all talk , but we all don’t do. You did. Your stepping into the areana will have these fraudsters looking behind their backs with every move they make.
    We all love you for your courage. It will be a shinning star for the rest of your life. We need to fill the sky with more stars like you.

  5. Fury says:

    when the democratic mucky muck tried to block lisa from filing to run for office,
    i knew that Boss Tweed was alive and well in florida.

    the world is lisa’s constituency.

    her power and influence go far beyond one job in one county in one state.

    i’m sorry that sharon bock lost her dad the night before the election,
    but when i read this , it made me even more determined to stop people like her:

    —in her next four-year term, Bock said she would settle back into the daily job after two months campaigning and work to make the clerk’s office a technology-driven enterprise,
    saying “our future is a paperless environment.” —-

    just like MERS where original documents are destroyed in order to commit fraud?
    a system where documents are forged using photoshop and the real wet ink documents
    are shredded?

    no way, bock.

    the revolution is here.

    lisa epstein and michael redman are on the front line.
    i am forever grateful to them.

  6. mj says:

    RUN AGAIN….that was just practice.

  7. Nye Lavalle says:

    AMEN!!!! Or is that AWOMAN!!!!! God bless, we need her more!!!!

  8. D Bass says:

    I am disabled nurse TX. Thank you. If I could hug you I would, and I would certainly donate to your cause.
    It is very hard to be a hero, when there is so many bad guys, but then there are very few heroes, you are one.

  9. Bobbi Swann says:

    I don’t think, Lisa, that you should give up on the political arena. YOU are just what this state needs – honestly and integrity. Don’t let those blowhearts wear you down. You’ve made an entrance, a difference in the lives of so many people. You need to carry that forward and as time marches on the recognition will follow. And by all means, do not lose the scarf!

  10. lies is all they tell says:

    Lisa thank you for giving your all. being from broward county i know all about how people vote in that area. some christmas tree and some vote for a name they recognize. you managed to get 25k people to know you. dont give up this is not the end. i thank you and michael and foreclosure hamlet and all the other web sites. if not for getting this information out to the public most of us would be out of our houses. because of the knowledge i have gained i new what to expect when i got served and was waiting and have a lawyer defending us. because of you guys i was able to fiid out all the fraud that is in my documents and how losing my paper work, files and fed ex packages can be defended. i foundo uut being told by your bank not to pay your mortgage before you can apply for a hamp loan. scamming millions of people in to dual tracking and eventually foreclosure. I befleive because i am also a nurse an RN for 25 years i was able to figure out his was just not right.

    i pray for all of us going through this and i pray the judges rule in our favor. i have worked for 25 years in the health profession. nights, days, 8 and 12 hour shifts to support my family . i never expected to be where i am today.

    maybe we can find away to egt throught the judges in florida. if we educate the judges maybe they will judicate cases for florida homeowners not rule in favor of the banks.

  11. woodknotgo says:

    Lisa- Keep your beautiful smile !
    So sorry for your loss but forget the Clerk Position !
    You deserve so much better and I know God has a better plan for you !
    You are blessed with a stong spirit, energy and bravery !
    You are an inspiration to me & thousands of others.
    Thank you for devoting your heart & soul to help us.

    Please believe that God has a bigger, better plan
    Losing the primary was a blessing in disguise.

  12. Ali says:

    Thank you Lisa & Co. your courage is inspiring, before I found these sites I was lost and scared. Your courage is contagious and I will carry on this fight for justice and help as many as I can along the way. You did a great job and ran a repectful campaign, and for that and so much more I thank you. xoxoxox

  13. Gene says:

    Thank you so much, Lisa, for your efforts to fix a broken system. I am hopeful that your platform will live on in Palm Beach County and in other communities throughout our state and nation.

  14. BobSublime says:

    Thank You Lisa.

    For fighting for what is right.
    For being willing to campaign for our benefit.
    For taking on the entrenched bureaucracy.
    For speaking out against injustice and fraud.
    For lighting the way to honesty and justice.
    For being a great example for us all.

  15. Pamela Edwards says:

    Great lady let’s watch her do her stuff.Go Lisa!!

  16. Ron Moss says:

    Check out our Supreme Court finding!


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