John Cusack, Arianna Huffington Talk Eminent Domain Proposal To Help Underwater Borrowers (VIDEO)


8 Responses to “John Cusack, Arianna Huffington Talk Eminent Domain Proposal To Help Underwater Borrowers (VIDEO)”
  1. charley rice says:

    All individuals, serving in capacity of Judicial Officer, are held to higher standards of
    knowledge and duty and know and should know that receiving benefit from mortgage backed
    securities or any other bank or investment product involved or benefiting from mortgage
    backed securities establishes conclusive appearance of conflict of interest

    The conflict appearance rises to the level of open bribery by banks in particular because ALL THE US PRIME BANKS participates in issuing mortgage backed securities as a matter of standard practice and
    procedure for all Banks. This participation in, benefit from mortgage backed securities is
    verifiable by public record through Securities and Exchange Commission, Internal Revenue
    Service registration of Real Estate Investment Trusts, and Real Estate Investment Conducts.

    Due course of the common law. Duly noticed on facts existing in the public record, public knowledge openly and
    notoriously recorded through Court decisions, media outlets, and federal agency Consent
    Orders and Judgments admitted wrong doing by banks in general in their mortgage

    The officers of Court, being part of American society, cannot avoid such public knowledge now ratified by National Mortgage Settlement agreement between major banks holding most mortgage backed securities admission of wrong doing and acceptance of fines certifying admissions. This is on point particularly because
    government agencies U.S. Department of Justice and State of Washington Attorney General
    ratified the payment of fines by Banks, thereby full faith and credit applies when demanded as
    herein. Admission and confession by the BANKS is a fact before the Court that all bank
    actions in foreclosure procedure is corrupted. WE SHOULD NOT GIVE UP OUR HOMES TO THIS FRAUD!

    NO HOMEOWNER SHOULD BE IN COURT, AND FORECLOSED ON BY THE BANKS BULL & THEY SHOULD ALREADY BE SANCTIONED BY ALL THE PEOPLE, AND THE PEOPLE SHOULD NOW PROTEST THE COURTS… SIGN THE PETITION{%2210151001544868292%22%3A10151073231894727}&action_type_map={%2210151001544868292%22%3A%22og.recommends%22}&action_ref_map=[]

  2. 1ofthemany says:

    Cusack an OBummmer supporter hummmmm could be going for some votes here …watch out!!!! I do not want the governments loving “help” … They …have done enough damage already!! and still nothing…, they do not love you/us, they use you/us, they leach from you/us. They, the gov, need to put into place restitution, bring values to a real value, adjust principal, link to real owner of the loan, give restitution to those that lost homes..nothing more nothing less, we will take care of the bankers. We have and are sending clear messages this is Wrong so we need to demand … out loud, and lawfully on paper/ in court, nationally, in ONE voice to Fix IT Now..yes now… not later but now! They do not rule you, you PAY them for their services. The bankers, the politicians and yes ever the prez as shabby as it is and ya ain’t even getting what you pay so dearly for.

  3. Katheryn says:

    That would certainly put a bit of a ‘quash’ on the greedy investor grabs!

  4. Jason Werner says:

    This is a joke. They’re trying to make it look like the bad homeowners need help when in reality we MUST stop othe fraud now. If you don’t stop the fraud, then homeowners (victims) will continue to need alleged help.

  5. chitown2020 says:

    Its more fraud that’s why. Anyone pushing this agenda is a socialist/communist. Surprisingly , Rahm Emanuel declared Chicago will not be participating in this latest scam.

  6. Ken Hansen says:

    Eminment domain is already in the target sites of the elites big lawfirms. Banksters won’t stand for it. If we organize we can beat ’em.

  7. Ron Moss says:

    The entire mess was caused by bankers greed. They need to make it good

  8. Elyse Del Francia says:

    It was mentioned “what will America Look Like if the foreclosures continue”…the number was 9 million homeowners would be effected….it’s more like 63 million and America will become a homeless nation….by passing the Banks and congress and the court is our only way out of disaster!!!

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