NPR Runs Bank of America PR Piece, Neglects to Explain Why Bank is Donating Foreclosed Homes

NPR Runs Bank of America PR Piece, Neglects to Explain Why Bank is Donating Foreclosed Homes

NPR ran a sappy story yesterday about Bank of America donating foreclosed homes, which got a critical response in their comment section. Here’s a representative sample of the comments:

This was a poorly researched, uncritical story by NPR. Why is it good thing to dispossess 2500 families from their homes and then give the houses to people deemed more needy by BofA? And why didn’t NPR mention that BofA acknowledged employing people who legally attested to the accuracy of foreclosure documents without reading them; and reached a multi-million dollar settlement with the Justice department for illegally foreclosing on military service members?

The story really facilitated the “camo-washing” efforts by the banks to improve their public image. The story focuses on Bank of America’s donation of 2,500 homes over the next two years, mostly to Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. But it leaves out a number of key details. First, it never mentions what the commenter says above, that BofA was one of several banks cited for illegally foreclosing on service members while they were deployed overseas, leading to a large settlement which included the donation of homes to veterans. That means that this action has nothing to do with a generous spirit but acts as the fulfillment of an obligation.

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4 Responses to “NPR Runs Bank of America PR Piece, Neglects to Explain Why Bank is Donating Foreclosed Homes”
  1. Sarah says:

    NPR exclusively broadcasts industry public relations. This has been their operating procedure for at least 20 years now. They are bought and owned by Banks and Corporations and are therefore worthless in any capacity to report objectively. Zero credibility. NPR has reported the Wall Street version of the housing crisis for years. Insidious, corrupt and degenerative as any other mainstream source. What amazes me is the human automatons who are employed by the Corporate Pravda. How do they do it?

  2. talktotennessee says:

    This is one of those warm and fuzzy press releases to appeal to the “moral hazard” supporters who believe everyone is a deadbeat who can’t pay his mortgage note or bought too much house! That is until they lose their job,income, health, etc. and then it is a different sad tale! So B of A and Chase are scrubbing their processing errors by transferring collateral (houses) direct to new buyers, skipping the REO route in SOME cases to divest themselves of Countrywide’s old messy high RISK products! Or did no one catch that in our illustrious government regulator’s house. No tolerance for ignorance! Absolutely NONE!
    They aren’t giving away houses to the military, poor, etc. They are giving away their mess, problems and faulty products!!!!!
    What angers me is that they expect us to buy this garbage! Funny thing is there millions of couch potatoes out there WHO WILL think this BS is a compassionate act of good will! Take away the houses people NEVER deserved in the first place and give them to military personnel, fighting for the country!
    Makes one want to puke!

    • Hanna says:

      All too true. We are military and BOA is in the process of stealing our home right now. They are nothing but evil, and they do absolutely nothing that does not benefit them in some big way. Shame on BOA and shame on NPR. Their time is coming.

  3. chitown2020 says:

    Their public image is destroyed along with the credibility of the entire FED and political system. Time for the American people to vote to restore the U.S.C, which is the rule of law in the U.S.A.

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