Studies Find Home Prices and Crime Rates Not Greatly Impacted by Foreclosures

Studies find home prices and crime rates not greatly impacted by foreclosures

Several studies published in the September issue of Social Science Quarterly found only tenuous links between the rate of foreclosure and upticks in the neighborhood crime rate. Though one study found the opposite.

“Findings reveal that crime and foreclosures are spuriously related; controlling for confounding factors such as concentrated disadvantage and the political hierarchy of communities renders the foreclosure-crime association nonsignificant,” concludes the authors of the study titled “Home Foreclosures and Community Crime: Causal or Spurious Association?”

Yet, when the research is hyper-focused on Indianapolis from 2003 to 2008, the opposite seems true.

Foreclosures cause property and violent crimes to rise, according to another SSQ study. “In addition, foreclosures had greater effects on reported UCR crimes in stable neighborhoods, especially those with more owner-occupied homes,” that study said.

A third study finds that high housing-mortgage stress levels do not seem to have a direct link to crime overall.

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  1. chitown2020 says:

    They are trying hard to cover up the connection. On my hometown blog,, the trolls really come out and attack any inferences or comparisons to crime, corruption, the housing crisis and the banksters and politicians. Blogging locally about the fraud, crime and corruption can reveal a lot about the depths of this conspiracy and who in your town, City, County and State govt should be voted out next election. I found out, it’s every last one of them.

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