November 16, 2011 was a historic date: that’s when the US officially surpassed $15 trillion in debt for the first time since World War 2. We celebrated it by cheering $15,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOOBAMA. Today, August 28, 2012, is when we can unofficially celebrate again, because 286 days after the last major milestone was surpassed with disturbing ease, total US debt following today’s $35 billion auction of 2 Year bonds is, well, in a word: $16,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOOBAMA!

The math?

Take today’s $35 billion in 2 Year bonds.

and add this unsettled amount to the total debt…

…To get just over $16X1012 which means it took 286 days to go from $15 to $16 trillion: $3.5 billion in extra debt every day.

Alternatively take the above official Total Public Debt Outstanding, and add to this $76 billion in net new debt that will settle over the J-Hole weekend.

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4 Responses to “$16,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOOBAMA!”
  1. Mystify says:

    Let the fed pay the deficit since they are the ones that caused the excessive charges, I.e. wars, easy credit they knew the working class could never pay back and yet they throw it back in our face – ha, last laugh is on the 1 percent since I am going to send them the tab…good luck paying this one off!

  2. flowergirl89 says:

    People keep blaming Obama for his spending, when Bush spent more than the last four presidents put together. The Republican convention threw out the figure, “we were losing 700,000 jobs a month when Obama took office”, I think that is the only truthful thing I heard out of their lying mouths and they are blaming that on Obama too. Cutting the dept is easy start taxing these corporations that are buying our country, give incentives for jobs created in the US. The CBO says the healthcare bill is paid for. Obama is not the big spender the Republicans try to make him out to be. Whenever they accuse him of something you better watch out because that is what they are doing. It’s the old trick, look over there while I pick your pocket.

  3. stripes says:

    That is the FED’s debt they handed to WE THE PEOPLE in order to enslave US. Tell the FED to pay their own debts. Starting with their gazillions in debts they owe to the American people. They have quintillions of our stolen wealth and other ill gotten gains hidden overseas.

  4. MARIO KENNY says:

    What a tragic thought and a silly one at it too. Listen it is the banksters and the 1% and the federal reserve and banks like Barklays Bank and all the big money thieves of the world who print, control and move the money, these are the people who print, buy and sell money. I and You, did not borrow this money. How can this be national debt? did you borrow, did you sign to borrow? I did not. Why is everyone telling me I owe all this debt? so where the fuck is my taxes then? The people who borrowed that money need to deal with that.

    How can money borrowed by banks, financial institutions and other parties, become national debt?

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