The Young Turks Interviews Matt Stoller on the Audit of the Federal Reserve

(The echo goes away after about 20 seconds.)

Matt Stoller, former staff member for Representative Alan Grayson and writer for Naked Capitalism, talks to Cenk about the behind-the-scenes effort that was needed to include an Audit the Fed amendment in the 2009 financial reform bill, which Congress passed into law. This long interview provides well-informed insight into the operation of Congress, how legislation is made, and the political process in general.

Matt Stoller has been involved in progressive politics in a variety of roles. He writes for and is currently the political correspondent for the TV show BrandX with Russell Brand, which airs Thursday nights on FX.


2 Responses to “The Young Turks Interviews Matt Stoller on the Audit of the Federal Reserve”
  1. stripes says:

    Wouldn’t WE THE PEOPLE like to know where those “non interest bearing ” escrow accounts are?

  2. stripes says:

    We know the FED has no collateral ON THEIR BOOKS to back up their Quadrillion dollars in debt they created from their debt. Their quintillions in ill gotten gains are hidden overseas.Their debt being the money they borrowed from the AMERICAN PEOPLE at the ORIGINATION FRAUD….and NEVER REPAID….

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