US Govt Ignoring Rule of Law & Harming Economy Further (VIDEO)

Aug. 29 (Bloomberg Law) — There are numerous examples of the federal government suspending or ignoring settled rules of law in order to quickly and effectively respond to particular problems created by the broader financial crisis starting in 2008. UPenn Law Professor, David Skeel, says that the federal government’s inability to revert to the long established principles associated with rule of law in the United States is beginning to have a profoundly negative impact on the national economy. He talks with Bloomberg Law’s Lee Pacchia.


2 Responses to “US Govt Ignoring Rule of Law & Harming Economy Further (VIDEO)”
  1. Collene Collins says:

    We did lose it all because a corrupt Housing Court Judge ignored the preponderance of evidence that we were not in arrears and they held an illegal unadvertised sale that no money switched hands. This Judge ignored the Rule of Law so our son returned home from war to find the only home he ever knew was illegally sold and we were homeless. These Judges need to be behind bars with the corrupt banks & their attorney’s.

  2. stripes says:

    The FED must be held accountable for the criminal malfeasance of their financial institutions. Their debt is insolvent and WE THE PEOPLE cannot repay it. The American people had no knowledge of the fraud these imposters were committing with our signatures. People have lost their livelihoods, property and life savings because of the massive financial fraud committed by these FED financial institutions. The Rule Of Law must be enforced or we will lose it all.

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