Shadow Inventory | Palm Beach County Ranks Second in Nation for Vacant Homes

Palm Beach County ranks second for vacant homes

New study excludes vacation and seasonal residences for more accurate picture of shadow inventory

At the least, yellow phone books pile up, door knob pizza flyers multiply and pools turn to swamp water.

At the worst, drug dealers loiter and raccoons move in.

Vacant homes abound in Palm Beach County in the wake of the housing bust, that’s a given. But a new report adds empirical evidence to the anecdotes of knee-high grass and broken windows.

Palm Beach County ranks second among large metro regions for its percent of vacant homes, according to a study released Thursday by the real estate analysis firm Trulia.

With 6.7 percent of all housing units vacant as July, only Detroit is ahead with a 12.1 percent vacancy rate.

The study used U.S. Postal Service data that tallies “active” and vacant homes. Seasonal and vacation homes are not counted as vacant, the Trulia report says. A home is considered vacant 90 days after mail delivery to the address stops.

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4 Responses to “Shadow Inventory | Palm Beach County Ranks Second in Nation for Vacant Homes”
  1. Ken Hansen says:

    We could hire more people at NASA, pay them to do anything, but those days are long gone, and the very idea of providing housing and decent jobs has been seized by vultures, who engineer blight and decline for the wealth of a few. Welcome to Blight, USA – nationwide.

  2. Ali says:

    I agree,they blew it big time. Dumbasses!

  3. Sharon says:

    This absolutely drives me nuts. Why didn’t the people of Palm Beach County vote in Lisa Epstein. What is wrong with the American people that they would vote in a do-nothing clerk like Sharon Block. How’s it working out for ya?

  4. MARIO KENNY says:

    HELLO squatters rush to palm beach, get a free house

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