Slumlord | California Company Buys 700 Florida Foreclosures in Single Sale

California company buys 700 Florida foreclosures in single sale

The Federal Housing Finance Agency sold 700 Florida foreclosures owned by Fannie Mae to a San Diego-based company that paid $12.3 million for an interest share.

The sale, which closed Thursday, is the first in the government’s nationwide plan to sell foreclosed homes to private investors who must rent a certain percentage out before selling.

Florida had three clusters of homes for sale, including 376 in Southeast Florida, all of which were purchased by an LLC created by Pacifica Companies. Pacifica Companies owns varied real estate projects, including hotels and master-planned communities, in the U.S., Mexico and India.

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  1. All you have to do is read “Behind the Green Mask”. Look up Agenda 21 and you will know this will continue….. Foreign bankers have corrupted and owned our government for years , even decades. The only solution is a Revolution!

  2. Bobbi Swann says:

    Well, it’s working people. Let’s bankrupt the system, steal the wealth of the middle class and diminish it to extinction and then sell the USA to foreign investors so that we all become lower class renters! Meanwhile, the 99% contiue to exhaust the economy and add to the vast amount of wealth that they already contrived via theft! Another step to total communism. I will just bet that if more discovery is done, it will yield that all these US-based companies are funded by and headquartered by European entities. We are such dupes!

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