Bill Beckmann – Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) Cleaned Up Act (HA!)

Mortgage registry cleaned up act, chief says

SANTA ANA — Until the foreclosure crisis, most people had never heard of the Mortgage Electronic Registry Systems, or MERS.

Then MERS surfaced amid accusations that it was a key villain in the loan crisis. Critics maintained it operated an electronic smokescreen to shield lenders from the borrowers, while helping banks cut corners on foreclosures.

The registry, critics claimed, wrongly foreclosed on lenders’ behalf and operated a system riddled with inaccuracies.

But the head of MERS told an Orange County gathering Wednesday that his mortgage registry got a bad rap, adding that a number of changes have been implemented to address critics’ concerns.

“One of the criticisms MERS received is we hide ownership (of loans),” said Bill Beckmann, president and CEO of MERSCORP Holdings Inc., MERS’ operator. “An important change we made over a year ago was to make sure it’s clear who owns the loan.”

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4 Responses to “Bill Beckmann – Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) Cleaned Up Act (HA!)”
  1. Who is this man trying to fool or make a fool of? The lies just keep coming. What he should have said was MERS is attempting to cover up the records by removing unlawful fruad documents that has and still is causing unlawful foreclosures in all states. In Wa in every county MERS documents and RECONTRUST documents are being removed from view, stating they are unscanned [now]and unviewable. The RECONTRUST per MERS fraud assignments in some cases are being withdrawn without notice and the sales discontinued without notice and Crab tree has moved in with authourtiy only from the fraud assignments by MERS and some by RECONTRUST ASSIGNED BY MERS, both deemed unlawful in this state by the Bains V MERS En Banc by the WA U.S. Supreme court decision and the WA V RECONTRUST case consent order deeming RECONTRUST to leave the state and reorganize them selves to come back in a few years later lawfully, whom has unlawfully foreclosed on all the BOA and Countrywide homes in WA state and most other states. Unfortunately the judge did not make this automatic and has made it on a case to case basis for the homeowners whom are financially harmed by the banks crimes, to file for quiet title one house at a time. Thank goodness the Stapne law firm is here to do just that. Clouded titles author Dave Krieger is coming to Wa as often as he can to educate the victims of this crime. MIRS is giving awareness classes to help victimis of this crime. MIRS against MERS classes. You dont have to be a victim of MERS to have a quiet title action in this state. WAMU Chase has hidden some MERS affudavits and can be proven to be stealing properties without the MERS docs on your homes. Lawrence Nardi whistleblower that worked for Chase has a publicized deposition that state on page 260-261 there are no allonges, no notes no assignments from WAMU to Chase they simply do not exhist. He was working for Chase in litigaton department suppose to be putting proof of docs together for their litigation. This deposition happened May 9, 2012. This liar should be saying it will take decades of quiet titles to undo the destruction of the land records MERS has done to our properties. I call this man a liar liar pants on fire liar!

  2. Ken Hansen says:

    A pitchman for MERS. It would seem he doesn’t understand MERS either.

    • When attorney Pratt for MERS could not produce two not just one note or proof of who owned the notes in the Bains V MERS CASE AND THE ADJOINING CASE for the WA Supreme Court that was a huge case for MERS to win but lost, how can this man state MERS can prove who owns the note? If they could have and should HAVE proven they can prove who owns the notes this case is telling. He is an absolute liar! Go to video Bain V MERS, Melissa Huelsman and you can see for your own eyes, the judges asked Pratt if he could produce whom owned the two notes and he could not. Melissa states this is telling. Oh YEAH!

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