Foreclosure Mess 101 at CONA Sarasota with April Charney and Matt Weidner (VIDEO)

Foreclosure Mess 101 at CONA Sarasota with April Charney and Matt Weidner

CONA (Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations, Inc.) hosted Foreclosure Mess 101 on September 10, 2012 at the Sarasota Garden Club in Sarasota, Florida.

The guests speaking at the program were, Matt Weidner and April Charney, both are attorneys at the forefront of the foreclosure mess. Although this is an uncomfortable topic that many think is unrelated to them, few in our communities are unaffected by the current issue of foreclosures.



10 Responses to “Foreclosure Mess 101 at CONA Sarasota with April Charney and Matt Weidner (VIDEO)”
  1. Christie B. says:

    April & Matt – I APPLAUD BOTH OF YOU,THANKS! I am in Colorado, where many here are ALL HAVING VERY TOUGH TIMES! What I like to ask is HOW can we get JUSTICE IN OUR COURT SYSTEM to press charges upon those on WALL STRET & all of these CEO’S, and the foreclosure mill attorney’s who commit fraudlent acts upon the courts daily? These folks all to be PROSECUTED & JAILED for what they have done! Yet NO ONE HOLDS THESE FOLKS ACCOUNTABLE!! Settlements for EVERYONE..instead of being prosecuted for their acts! THERE NEEDS TO BE A BIGGER PUSH ON PRESSING FOR CHANGE when it comes to dealing with these banks in an election year. Yet,foreclosures are not spoken about as much as taxes are, within this Presidential election year. THE QUESTION TO ASK is.. HOW CAN THIS BE CHANGED? We need to bring back the ‘Middle Class” Americans!
    I think that there needs to be A BIGGER PUSH on this topic, as well as foreclosure fraud!

  2. j.c. shannon says:

    Hawaii Aloha: BOHICA! [Banksters Offshore Hawaii In Covert Amerika] by way of “Land & Power” Ho’opunipuni [Deception] colluded with Vulcan Corporate Bankster Vendors from Public Forgery Shangri-la Paradise! “In general, the art of Government consists of taking as much money [private invested properties, smart small business ideas, targeted privatized personal assets] as possible from one class of citizens to give to another”? [Voltaire] Curiosity killed all the cats, hell was full, so they all came back: Let me tell you about fictitious Hawaii Aloha “land donations” from false titles deeds with unrecorded land title Criminal syndicate huis [group investors] for the private Globalized GAO Corporate private Business sector, under manipulated, tampered, public coercion proclamations: State of Hawaii historic diversified DLNR Executive Order 3117, dated January 29, 1982, with two GAO public survey encroached maps dated October 27, 1981 [Recorded] and June 15, 1981 [Unrecorded, preapproved DLNR legal access Documents] with deceptive legal annotations: “Setting Aside Lands For Public Purposes”? links….Presidential Document Federal Registry Executive Order 31172, dated February 16, 2005, from previous special entitlement government executive orders with more vague legal annotations under public coercion proclamations, dated February 16, 2005, with consultation from the Sect of State and Sect of Treasury: “Clarification For Certain Executive Orders Blocking Property and Prohibiting Certain Transactions”? Deception Points of Lights Compromised: Hawaii Shaloha Asia Pacific Ho’opunipuni? “Yes We Khan”! Catbird’s Nest

  3. stripes says:

    I agree with Bobbi…unless the attorney is fighting for clear title for you….we certainly DO NOT WANT any stinking loan mods, AKA “FIXES” FOR FRAUD….Because ALL OF THE DEBT THESE BANKSTERS CREATED IS INSOLVENT…! An honest attorney told me DO NOT SIGN OR AGREE TO a new mortgage & note because the MORTGAGES are INSOLVENT…THEY CAN NEVER BE REPAID. If you lose your income in this lousy economy…you will be out in the street in 3 mos. Establishing insolvent debt is another SET UP TO FAIL..!

  4. Bobbi Swann says:

    I really enjoyed watching and listening to this informative video;however, I found it quite distressing that both Matt & April are so anti pro-se and discouraging to those of us who cannot afford an attorney! Matt’s reply to the gentlemen who mentioned the letter from Chase regarding the principal reduction plan on the end result is that the investors would be hurt the most, our pension funds, etc. Well, I am sorry but my home and a place to have a safe haven comes way before those who had the monies to invest in these toxic mortgage securitizations. In my opinion they were all embiciles who ran amuck with greed not to know that such vehicles would not be sustainable given the history of the market. I have no pity for those investors. I also heavily disagreed with April as to her assessment that it all started with the ‘unregulated’ originators. I myself having been in the mortgage industry for well over 40 years knew well beforehand that these vehicles that were established by the BANKS, not the originators, were doomed to fail. I tried to convince people of my own theory back in the day when the ‘boom’ started when all I got was grief and called a pessimist! I wouldn’t do these types of programs and my business dropped to less than one-third as the realtors dropped me like a lead balloon. Now as a licensed loan originator under the Dodd-Frank Act and under the laws of the state of Florida I am now paying the price of those whose thirst for greed was greater than the rule of law. I am pro-se now in my foreclosure since 2006 and my Motion to Dismiss is just now coming up on the docket next month. The judge presiding over the case has allotted 5 minutes for the hearing!!! 5 MINUTES!!! This is what we are supposed to visit our courthouses for? To familiarize ourselves? Ah, but this is exactly how our judicial systems works – 6 years of fighting and filing and it comes down to 5 MINUTES! God help us all.

  5. Robert says:

    Democracy in Action. The speakers are informative and knowledgeable. Thank you for your efforts. We need clear solutions moving forward to protect our homes, families, and communities from the criminals.

  6. Fed Up says:

    Thanks April & Matt

  7. stripes says:

    Education is the best form of rebellion…thank you guys..! When you know the truth, you see the big picture. Fraudclosure is part of foreign espionage. This evil end game plan to destroy and takeover America, has been in the works for decades. NAFTA, The repeal of Glass Steagall, 9/11, the patriot act,the fraudulently induced financial crisis, the ongoing bailouts, “FAILED PROGRAMS” like TAARP, FED “MONETARY” POLICY, “unaffordable” healthcare replaced by fascist OBAMACARE and THE MICROCHIP, FEMA CAMPS, HAARP, “incurable” illnesses, food and innocculations laced with toxins, chemtrails, the NDAA, a “do nothing” Congress, a “do nothing “President, A QUADRILLION DOLLARS IN DERIVATIVES FRAUD YET, no prosecutions of Wall Street crooks, PERVERSELY INCENTIVIZING FRAUD, fraudclosure, 2 candidates for President… is all espionage by our foreign enemies to COMPLETELY CONTROL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…They want to fraudulently induce their GLOBAL WORLD GOVERNMENT CREDIT SCAM SYSTEM…THE MICROCHIPPED MARK OF THE BEAST. It is ETERNAL SLAVERY TO THEIR FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED DEBT. This could not be possible without traitors from within. The question I have is, where is the military? Here is a good link to the latest on this ongoing scam…

    • lies is all they tell says:

      This has infiltrated our schools. lets say you have a child whowas thinking about being a doctor or a nurse. you go to open house and when they are in 8th grade, they pick as their #! choice for electives not art or PE but “medical skills class’. when the child starts high school you find out the class has been cut? what else oh this is a new school built on US19. US19 on the west coast of florida is a highway. cars drive upwars of 60mph. the school board built the school but NO sidewalks, the when the school was 2 years old decided to remove all buses within 2miles of all schoools in the county. but if you have one school with no provisions you leave the buses for that school. NOPE i was the only parent at the school board meeting. the school oard looked at me like i was some alien. any suggestions where else to go. i work but cant get a safe bus for my kids. because the next thing they did a year later was change the school time form 930 to 730. is there not a time change in 1 month? 645 is going to be in the dark yet there is know side walks or street lights. we were approved for a bu 3/4 mile in opposit direction of the school in the woods at 645am no side walks or street lights. so peopel who think this foreclosure stuff is only affecting housing have got to get a life. the school board, dept of education in tally are telling me it is my responsbilty to get my kids to school safe. i have to work 730am. cant leave them at the shcool in the dark. any other suggestions.

      we need to stop these foreclosures so our economy can recover. property vslues are so low that schools are going broke. its seems everyones head is in the sand. so sad for our children. any suggestions what to do and how to fight them does anyone know fla statutes regauarding schools i have hit a brick wall

  8. woodknotgo says:

    Thank you April & Matt ! God bless you both for working so hard for all of us.

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