“I fought for my country and I knew I had the right to fight for my home” (VIDEO)

Homeowners and housing advocates from 26 states spoke passionately about how banks have ripped off millions people and drove them into debt and foreclosure, the devastation of communities wrought by big bank fraud and their refusal to do fair negotiations to keep people in their homes. Brigitte Walker, a member of Occupy Homes Atlanta and the Home Defender’s League brought the rooms to tears when she shared her story. Walker, a veteran who served our country for 22 years, was injured in Iraq. Upon her return, she fought for years with Chase Bank for a loan modification but to no avail. It wasn’t until she occupied her home, did Chase respond with the needed loan modification.



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  1. stripes says:

    That is right…that is how you know these entities are IMPOSTERS because they don’t want to reveal their true identity with documentation….receipts….accounting ledgers….etc. WHO they really ARE and what they are HIDING IS ….THEY ARE Robberbarons for the rich who do not lend anything of value….they and their investors DO NOT OWN our property because of the ORIGINATION FRAUD and the FED’s debt is INSOLVENT from OVERSELLING INVESTMENTS IN NOTHING OF VALUE THEY HAD NO LEGAL RIGHT TO SELL IN THE FIRST PLACE BECA– USE OF THE ORIGINATION FRAUD……THEY ARE CROOKS.

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