Trashout Team Finds Remains of 56 People in Foreclosed Ohio Home

56 boxes of cremated remains found in Ohio house

More than 50 boxes of cremated human remains have been found at a house in southwest Ohio along with documents from a funeral home, police said Tuesday.

The 56 plastic boxes are used by funeral homes as temporary containers for cremated remains, said Dayton police Lt. Wendy Stiver. She said a contractor called police Tuesday after finding the boxes stacked in a closet.

“He said the house is in foreclosure and he was hired to remove remaining items from the house,” Stiver told The Associated Press.

Stiver said police notified the Montgomery County coroner’s office, which collected the remains. Documents from the McLin Funeral Home in Dayton also were found in the house, she said.

Rest here…

Bet this was one of their worst scores ever…

I can see how it now.

“Hey dude, come check out these boxes over here in the closet, looks like it might be the belongings of 56 different people.”

“Well, open em up and let’s see what we can loot.”

“Eww, what is this shit?”

“I dunno, maybe we can smoke it or something.”

“I think we better call the boss.”


4 Responses to “Trashout Team Finds Remains of 56 People in Foreclosed Ohio Home”
  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    From the posts – totally missed the whole point that was being made with reference to the remains! These companies hired by the banks come in and steal, destroy without the proper due process of law! I don’t care how much money they are paying someone, the banks have gone to the bottom of the barrel of scumbags in these so-called “property preservationsists”. No one stops them; not a single cop. They are nothing more than thieves & robbers who have no degree of empathy. Entire histories of families wiped out by these scum whose memories are tossed to the wayside like rotten apples. rtraci, you need to stay on board and just read some of the stories, horror that this kind of humanity is inflicting. All comes back to the banksters…all roads lead to home. If we are to stay strong in our fight we must have a small ounce of humor to keep us sane!

  2. stripes says:

    It just gets weirder everyday. Talk about weird and remains that should be cremated….I received a notice of motion from the foreclosure plaintiff today….They now want to amend their foreclosure complaint for a third time & “subrogate” a plaintiff who claims I owe $300,000.00 more dollars from a loan refi in 2003…however we refied in 2007….didn’t they check the title BEFORE THE REFI….? The title co……released the mortgage in 2007 to public……so isn’t this the title companies liability…? The whole title history reeks..!

  3. lies is all they tell says:

    rtraci you have to have som ehumor in this mess. yes we have bee forked but we can not cry we must be strong and fight, please come on the hamlet and get info, and friendship so your not alone going through this. we learn , and we care about each other. we have a place to vent and ask questions. yes i know we are losing our houses bu what about finding out how to fight back.

  4. rtraci says:

    So families are losing their hours and this is all we can post? No wonder no one pays attention!

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