Tampa Woman: Obama SAVE My Home! – Signals Obama for Help with Sign on Roof (VIDEO)

Angela Agrippa made a unique plea to the President today. She’s facing foreclosure and needs help saving her home, so she put her message on her roof.



6 Responses to “Tampa Woman: Obama SAVE My Home! – Signals Obama for Help with Sign on Roof (VIDEO)”
  1. feduphadenough says:

    This is a good strategy to create attention for our foreclosure nightmare–how about it–let’s all do this–

  2. stripes says:

    Foreclosuregate is deceptive. In reality, it is like Katrina on steroids.

  3. neidermeyer says:

    That is actually a great move with Florida in play this election and that she was able to get on TV news.

  4. Sarah says:

    A comparison to Katrina can be made here. The Government did a notoriously terrible job providing “rescue” in what can best be described as hell on earth in New Orleans. Now that a somewhat less severe epicenter of underwater homes is spread out all across the country, we cannot realistically expect an administration that has done nothing, to do something. Homeowners, students, working people must band together and send more signals to an indifferent oligarchy.

  5. patrick same here with wells fargo. i am in discovery right now. wells fargo lost everything i sent them be it fax or mail gone! i am sorry i am not that “dumb” of an american, i know what the government thinks of us all but sorry not here. I am an working american. no way did i not send what they want. we are being scammed out of our homes. sad but true. everyone reading this FIGHT. find a lawyer and fight your foreclosure. do not leave your home. it is us against them. please see the movie the zeigeist addendum. and then googell federal reserve/birth certificates. our future earnings and our kids has been sold to the fed reseeve. usa went bankrupt in 1913. fight everyone

  6. Hope that sign helps and I admire her creativity. Couldn’t agree with her more and I went through the same thing with CitiMortgage. Yes, the banks hold all the cards and have all the power. The amount of paperwork I had to supply them was rediculous and then they’d just lose everything and I’d have to start over. Who knows who might have got ahold of my personal information because of their carelessness. They’d also charge me all kinds of unjust fees and there’s no way to fight that. I’m current in my loan now but I’ll still never forget how corrupt a bank can be, not to mention them being bailed out by our taxpayer’s money on top of that, too. http://www.PatrickHanifin.com, http://www.SqueakyCleanComedy.com

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