Woman Tased During Eviction of Her Foreclosed Home (VIDEO)



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  1. bobbi swann says:

    I emailed the reporter on this video. This is a mother of a son currently serving overseas. A travesty!!! Disgusting! The station should have done good reporting and followed up with notification to the nearest military base that this was happening to this woman.

  2. charley rice says:

    This is the courts out of control because it’s NOW a “Conflict of Interest” for any judge to make a court decision because their pensions, retirement, and MBS, ABS stocks are tied into the banks payroll that takes care of them.

    It one BIG domino chain of fraud. Now they want to PUNK the innocent sheep from their homes & keep stealing properties that is NOT theirs. “You can only push the american people so far”

    It has been Nationally Televised who the GUILTY parties of Robo-signing are, but the COURTS are NOT imposing SANCTIONS.

    Maybe NOW it’s time for the people to go higher, and now PROTEST these courts, and these officers.

    These people Wrote the LAWS about ROBO-SIGNING, and if they don’t care to honor the laws, and the oath that they have sworn to do, then it’s time to get RID of this FLAWED SYSTEM…

    Then the corrupt Judges should step the, “you know what,” down. Because you’re NOT making change, and NO Court, No Judge is GOD.

    Now I understand why so many 3rd world countries are rising up and protesting. Well America might be just next in line.

    These Corporations are still producing VD fraudulent documents, and running into court just to produce theft of property rights with fraud documents.

    These Prime banks were NEVER the SUBPRIME LENDERS that originated the mortgages to the homeowners back in the 2000 bubble era. KNOW that they CAN’T bring a foreclose because the SUBPRIME LENDERS never Assigned anyone after they sold the mortgages to Wall Street.

    This happened when your Subprime bank sold your promissory note, and then Wall Street changed your promissory note into a securitized backed certificate receivable asset which is proof the mortgage is NOW securitized.

    In your Deed of Trust your promissory note does not say anything about changing it to stock, or selling to a stock market. Now you have a Broken, breech of your DOT contract which is now cancelled. That’s why they’re doing robosigning…

    All the Subprime Banks are listed on public record in the SEC summary proves that your SUBPRIME lender in also listed in the SEC, and the SEC is Securitization which is Fraud.

    So in conclusion, the 2008 TARP was stated that all the debts were paid off, and also the prime banks like Boa was paid $ 45billion and Wells Fargo was paid $ 25billion… So why are they trying to now STEAL YOUR HOMES?

    Now were is the receipt for all the transactions of payments from the TARP?

    After those prime banks were paid, your SUBPRIME banks went out of business because they were paid by Wall STREET had the ONLY right to foreclose…

    The people have to understand that the banks got GREEDY, and did all kinds of double dealing fraud, and got PAID on the Bailout, and NO one went to Jail… REMEMBER ALL DEBTS WERE PAID..

    Now they FORGOT the major LOOPHOLE that your SUBPRIME lender DIDN’T ASSIGN them ANY NOTES, and they HOPE THAT YOU DIDN’T FIGURE OUT THAT THEIR GREED produced a “HOME FOR YOU FREE AND CLEAR” because your lender has went out of business.

    The statute of limitations for your lender to collect from you is 4 years, and NOW your Subprime Bank NO LONGER EXIST what does that tell you?

    Now DO you see why it points to ROBO signing…

    Everybody got paid, and their KARMA have left us that property which the Prime banks have confessed to robo-signing have no business being in court to steal your home when they KNOW that they were not YOUR LENDER.

    The people need to understand that you and your lender had a contract. You didn’t NOT make nor sign a contract with any other 3rd party.

    “PROTEST THESE COURTS from SIDING WITH THESE CORPORATIONS who should not even be back in the courts should all be sanctioned because these banks signed Consent Orders to STOP.”

  3. Alegria says:

    I am sick that this is happening in America. The Fraud by banksters and Wall St. is well known, yet no indictments. What’s wrong with our judicial system? Oh, that’s right. The Banks and Wall St own the Enforcers. If this woman’s case is being appealed, the Bank could letter her stay in the home. Why didn’t they? 8+ million foreclosures in the last 3 yrs and fraud exposed and still nothing has changed. And it won’t, until our politicians can no longer be bought off by Wall St and the Banksters. And that’s just what the lobbyists do. Seizure of our homes in America has got to stop! I hope this woman sues and gets enough money to SAVE her home. This is just wrong.

  4. J. Alonzo says:

    David J Stern? Marshall C Watson? Benz & Katz? All crooks. yet remain untouched on both levels. Federal and state.

  5. Jason Werner says:

    So she was charged with interfering with a judicial process; obviously she’s more than guilty of that and probably other things for which they should have charged her. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BANK? I would not be surprised if the bank committed multiple counts of fraud, perjury, tampering, and many other serious crimes, as banks often do.

    • J. Alonzo says:

      No way!! Are you kidding me? Touch a bankster! No only the sheeple get prosecuted and treated like this. This lady also did not know about bankruptcy. Why would she work anything out in a state court when she could have done it BK and let a fair bankruptcy judge decide, not some bank loving state judge.

  6. Cathleen says:

    She should find an Attorney, or Im sure after this footage an attorney will find her, Really! I bet the Pretender Lender doesn.t even own the noie!

  7. stripes says:

    Why would they want to inflict more pain..? They are evil….

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