WSJ | The Big Interview: Sheila Bair (VIDEO)

The Big Interview: Sheila Bair

Former FDIC chairman Sheila Bair tells WSJ Heard on the Street reporter Rolfe Winkler she feels Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner skewed the banking bailout to the needs of Citigroup and that she favors breaking up the big banks.


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  1. stripes says:

    Good interview. However, Ms. Baird is being much too kind to these people. What stands out the most for me, is how the best & the most brilliant people could all have been so wrong..? I don’t buy that excuse. That just proves to me this was no accident. The whole “oops” we tried but we failed or oops, we “screwed up” has been the BIG EXC– USE of the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION during this entire “crisis”. The Wachovia story was telling and IMHO, a scathing indictment and reveals this was a scheme all along ….Ms Baird said Wachovia was “losing” uninsured deposits. Banks “losing” customer money is always the way these banks go down and that should send out warning bells right away to the banking “regulators.” Obama put the PEOPLES TRUST….THE U.S. TREASURY DEPT. in the hands of criminals, all of our wealth and therefore our livelihoods and our property. I am not buying the Obama did not know story…..IT IS OBAMAS JOB TO KNOW WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE…! The truth is…Obama & Geithner go way back… that tells me one thing, they were in collusion and Obama is a bigger criminal than the criminals themselves.

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