LEE CAMP | The Propaganda Film You Probably Don’t Know You’re Watching (VIDEO)

The movie “Won’t Back Down” starring Maggie Gyllenhaal is hitting theaters across the country. Who REALLY made this film? You’d be surprised…



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  1. Sarah says:

    Well we could have people stupid, unemployed AND homeless. Public education is not the problem, but is being attacked by Banksters and others who swallow the idea that something other than their own theft is the problem. People are more easily controlled if they are collectively ignorant, yes let’s burn schools.
    Spending on “Defense” is where Wall Street cleans up, and it dwarfs any and all other spending. Spending on “jails” routinely exceeds what is spent on public schools .Finally, if the people can be motivated by bias, propaganda and other outright lies to fight each other, instead of their real enemies, Bankster’s theft is just that much more effective. The tactic is working really well with the housing crisis, a signifigant number of wayward Americans are convinced greedy deadbeats broke the Banks and the economy.

    • neidermeyer says:

      The areas you mention definately need cleaning up but SCHOOL spending is where it touches the people and where you can motivate them ,,, $15,000 a year in an average district for an elementary school kid a year ,, That’s $500,000 per classroom! or almost $3,000 PER DAY for what .. a 25*25 room, a teacher and maybe a teaching assistant if they’re small kids..

      And after 12 years they’re at the same achievement level as we were back in the 1960’s after 6 or 7 years… and they NEVER reach our level of achievement in literature or English avan after 4 additional years of elementary school we now call college.

  2. neidermeyer says:

    Public education NEEDS to be set on fire ,,, the fake overhead designed to skim every penny from taxpayers is AMAZING… I own a closed school complex , 12 acres and about 100,000 sq ft of good usable recently ADA upgraded school buildings closed simply so the school board could justify (because they were now magically low on square footage) upgrading and adding to another building they had and skim off the freshly printed construction contracts.

    When you have almost a 1:1 teacher:administration ratio and the “administrators” do damn near nothing … but they still collect a salary double or triple the US average of $35k with full benefits, a pension that is guaranteed by you and me and 3 months off each year something has to change…

    You can compare a U.S. high school education in a public school up to the early 1970’s with a liberal arts college degreed person nowadays .. at least the first 2 years of college today is just remedial bullshit for what’s not taught in our schools and for the weaker degrees like “education” it’s all 4 years.

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