FAIL | Florida Foreclosure Mills in the Clear, Bondi Closes Cases With No Findings

“As we’ve all seen, foreclosure mills have nothing to fear from the Florida Bar,” she said. “In the end, government and law enforcement on all levels has implemented a policy to bail out the banks while the people, the rule of law, the authenticity of the nation’s property records, and the integrity of our judiciary go to hell.”


Foreclosure mills in the clear, state closes cases with no findings

By Kimberly Miller

Florida’s attorney general has closed a high-profile investigation into alleged wrongdoing by the state’s largest foreclosure law firms with no findings.

The probes, opened by former attorney general Bill McCollum in 2010, ended not with the swiftness of a gavel falling, but in a slow fizzle of court judgments, law firm implosions and the firing of two top state investigators by Attorney General Pam Bondi.

A February Florida Supreme Court decision that upheld a ban on the state from investigating the firms under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act was the real decider, attorney general communications director Jennifer Meale said Friday.

“Accordingly, we have closed our law firm investigations and anticipate that any enforcement action will be up to the discretion of the Florida Bar,” Meale said.

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21 Responses to “FAIL | Florida Foreclosure Mills in the Clear, Bondi Closes Cases With No Findings”
  1. Hannah says:

    She’s probably being blackmailed.

  2. Hutty says:

    Oh Boy,

    Somebody spank this BONDI bitch!
    Then we can arrest her for treason.

    I hear she “blows” the trusties at LPS…..

    ”Fight the Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day


  3. stripes says:

    @lies…’s all fraud. Labor for value was a communist scam to rob & fraudulently enslave us. They don’t own us or anything else because of the Origination Fraud. They were gambling under the guise of money lending & investing. They want us to believe they were conducting legitimate business….they were not.

  4. Fed Up says:

    Up yours too Attorney General Pam Bondi !!!!!!

  5. bobbi swann says:

    Bondi is a joke and this state is wrought with corruption, down to the core! Lisa, you took the words right out of my mouth! It’s a da** shame that those in PB County were not smart enough to get Lisa on board!!!! I cannot wait until Bondi’s time is up and I wish there was some way to evict her out of office. What a disgrace and what a travesty she has done with that office and the entire state. She needs to take her big dog and her boyfried and go for a long walk…..out of state. She is like a fart in the wind in comparison to some of the other state AG’s.

  6. stripes says:

    These people are felons. They need to be arrested. Why aren’t the States Attorneys investigating these people… ? These coverups are felonies. Where are the FBI agents with the arrest warrants? These politicians are committing acts of RICO. By covering up these crimes they are committing the same crimes as the criminals.

  7. Mary says:

    Crimnal activities invovled some where ! Let investigation begin.

  8. wake UP, we have been lobotomized, slaves to our jobs (google birth certificate/federal reserve) we cant rise up ? who is going to work and feed our families??? and the flouride in our water and preservativesi n our food keep us lobotomized aka cheically docile. notice how in the middle east/europe/UK the people rise to the occasion their food is and water supply hasnot been tampered with. google it, they have not regulted the internet yet. what about that 7 something unemplyment rate? we all need to wake up pass on this info to all we know. please watch the zeigeist addendum.
    we all must realized we have been drugged and nothing will chanage in america. we were the 1st generation with flouride in the water and perservitives in the food. our kids were formed with the chemicals. how sad but true. sorry to open yor eyes. this is somewhat like the matrix. this scheme was formed over 40 years ago. they had to create a n america that would be bank lovong and trusting, then change our demeanor so we will stay doscile. anyone ever watch planet of the apes. remember what the apes did to keep the humans from fighting back. lobotomies. sorry. WAKE UP!!!!!! please everyone we must wake p gogle google if you dont beleive what i have told you . once you google what i have said please leave a comment we need a plan. this election is fixed. we need to redress the constitution. we need to take back our government
    no one has gone to jail for stealing our homes WTF

    • connie J. says:

      Vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan…..They will restore America to the core values that all American deserve a fair opportunity and not a hand-out…… wake-up Obama’s policies are failed status quo and more of the same! WE need JOBS, JOBS!!!

    • 238mzmac says:

      I believe all their plans are due to the “peak oil” issue! I just couldn’t figure out WHY “the” wanted to kill us… just didn’t make sense….until I ran into this!! Google that…….!!!!! What really PISSES ME OFF is when ever a person was innovative,and crafted things that enabled 50 miles per gallon in cars ,the black operation agents were full force threatening peoples lives….this has gone on for decades now!!!!!!!

    • 238mzmac says:

      OH…by the way….these GANGSTERS stole LIVE, not just homes…..The JUDGES are the PROBLEM….They’ve broken oath to the people…..that’s our job……” Give BACK To Ceasar What is HIS “. As for their oath to the REAL judge that entrusted them to oversee his people……Well that will be their BIGGEST BURDEN….I’m thankful I’m not them !!!! We’re all given carefully chosen tests…..I don’t think they will be granted immunity with their Judge…..I do believe he will be raining HIS WRATH on them. So basically when their party’s over it’s REALLY OVER….” They know not what they do” ? NOT…!

  9. J. Alonzo says:

    Why in the world would any one be surprised. Bondi and Scott are a bunch Neocons, but all this is happening while Obama is in power. Yes the banks will rail road us just a bit more with Romney in power, but they are the same. Obama/Romney should be the ticket.

    • 238mzmac says:

      LIES IS ALL THEY TELL… I’m with you! Lies are all they know! MOST of them are being BLACKMAILED or under the threat of it….more lies….!! That’s how they keep most of our truly informed “public” officials mouths under control…if scandal doesn’t work…well… JFK (not hear to tell us the rest of the story) he tried …..! The Washington boys are all players in the BIG BOYS CLUB or they wouldn’t be up their…!!! If they’re not willing to sell out and play by the rules of the Game they don’t get onto the board. That’s why Ron Paul got soooooooo screwed. That’s just how they’ve gotten so far ahead of us !!We must NOT allow our officials to break their oaths…..!! Jefferson ” a Republic madam… if you can keep it “. JFK tried to warn us just before the Big Boys Club took him out….he must have known it was coming, but no one heard the words back then….We hear the words NOW ! ! If we don’t defend the principles NOW… as so many in our past have…and brutally DIED for…..!!! We and our children will end up just like JFK.We have been forewarned…countless places, including the HOLY BIBLE ! Fore warned is (supposed to be) fore armed. We all need to sound the trumpet ( via word of MOUTH ! ) before this gets so out of hand that even those seemingly untouched now, feel it, because they will probably be too busy having nervous breakdowns,and, wondering what the ____ happened ….while they were busy crafting their personal gains.Where as, many are still blaming this mess on every one else. We are ALL responsible NOW, the truth is out there !! No excuses !!!!! Your off spring is in imminent DANGER ! ! THIS IS A URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT ! ! We need to wake anyone up that’s still sleeping in their BURNING HO– USES before it’s too late…There…. I said again ! Now everyone else needs to… ” the only thing we have to fear is FEAR itself “…who was that ?

  10. yvonne says:

    Does any one know if the borrowers committee was approved in New York for GMAC companies bankruptcy case?

  11. charley rice says:

    Like the Joker said in the old Batman movie “This town needs an enema,” Maybe, “The whole Judicial System needs an enema!”

    The people Need to Rise up, and TAKE BACK THE POWER by putting All on NOTICE that Fraud and Robosigning is a FELONY and has No Statue of Limitations.

    So we need to draw up a proposition so ALL the people to sign Nation wide then we March to Reclaim our Homes and Freedom when we have million strong.

    Only then the people’s JUSTICE Thwill prevail….

    • 238mzmac says:

      WOW…..I REALLY like that idea. How about a petition of and fore NOTICE !! ONLINE !! If that makes any sense?? A PETITION will get the lay-person’s attention! Don’t you think ? If enough of the right people worked it, maybe they wouldn’t be able to block it. ANY COMMENTS ?

  12. yvonne says:

    It is not over by a long shot…wait and see…

  13. Tee says:

    She is a piece of work…..her and Romney will get along well.

  14. what the... says:

    she will fall really hard some day…… nothing is forever…she is disposable like the others, once they finish using her , like dimon they will finish her. only 5 or 6 families have the power , the rest are just puppets, she think is protected hahhaha

    • 238mzmac says:

      My Reply to “what the…” The proverbial….. (white) HO– USE OF CARDS……. and the entire collection of corrupt players, leading to EACH and EVERY one of our front doors! Eagerly waiting to claim the life of this cancer ridden ” REPUBLIC ” corps. LET”S GET THIS BALL ROLLING….BEFORE THE ELECTION ! OBOMA’s performance, or lack of, in the debates said volumes….he’ll rebound for performance sake. But I feel, he’s had enough of the BIG BOYS CLUB …. Those of us that realize we’re in the ” JUMANJI GAME ” know we want OUT of this malignant Matrix. I fact, I am very certain that many officials who got sucked in, only to find a rooting corps, want this game to end too, Perhaps, they to fear the unknown….and allowing the cure could be professional suicide….they’re trapped as well. Specially those who are middle level or lower. Seems as though there is enough of us ready to get the _____ out. We NEED to start over ” new broom sweeps clean ” Far too…..many cheaters…… rigging a ensuring the flaws remain in the GAME. While the rest stand stupefied …. taking the wrap. Every day, where ever are,doesn’t it seem… though it’s the same game, different day? Frankly It’s become rather predictably boring ! We need to shake things up a bit. We have become predictably boring as well…..Don’t you think ? Not the kind that plays into hands trained to provoke. Where by, the Occupy Movement captured the attention prompting the necessary knowledge …..Now…. it’s time for the peoples’ ” CRAFT ” Let’s show every dirty last one, that” it’s not over till the — lady sings!” and that… WE can do it.!!!……..YES WE CAN….!! NOW Let;s Get On with this ” bloodless ” battle and show them some real ” CRAFT “

  15. Jason Werner says:

    In other words, Bondi is awaiting her own criminal indictment for bribery, RICO, and much more.

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