Whistle-Blowing Attorney, Lynn Szymoniak, Joins Former Cop’s Eviction Fight (VIDEO)



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  1. Veritas says:

    How can I contact Lynn, does anyone have her contact info?

  2. J. Alonzo says:

    In any case you have to lawyer up. Find a good attorney and get educated yourself. Look though your own paper work and look for signs of fraud. Look through it over and over. Wether your loan was securitized or not. You can find all sorts of mistakes along with the ones your attorney may find and you can put them together. From MERS fraud, Allonge fraud, letter of acceleration fraud. Sometimes the lender may have sent you the proper acceleration letter, but maybe you were in a modification at the time and they accepted a payment afterwords making that letter void. Guess what? The lender will produce a fake one! What ever the case may be hire an attorney. They can present the matter of law much better and your case will be stronger. Plus the lenders attorneys will always concentrate on the weaker files. Meaning the files that dont have an attorney representing the home owner. Thats like taking candy form a baby & they WILL! Dont go Pro Se ever! No matter what, always have a bankruptcy ready and file it before your summary judgement
    hearing. This will buy you a hunk of time before they even realize you are done and out of bankruptcy it will be at least 8 months and then they still have to schedule another hearing date.
    Then hit them with another bankruptcy of the same chapter if your married by your spouse. Boom another 8 months or more. Then you hit them with a chapter 13 if your previously filed a 7. That will be even more time. Then your spouse does the same. A string of 4 bankruptcys alone will buy you 4 years. Plus you can modify in a 13 and do a lien strip on ant second mortgage, which most qualify these days. It gets even better, if you file a bankruptcy and the lender files a motion to remove the home from the stay. Thats when you hit them with a POOF OF CLAIM! You can make the lender show the bankruptcy court they rightfully own your note & or its been properly transfered. Lenders hate this because Bankruptcy judges are not like state judges. They will follow the letter of the law and will kick the banks ass to the curve if they dont have proper standing. Basically putting and order that the bank CANT FORECLOSE! The state judge has to stick by this order too and throw your case out! Hope this helps.

    • Incognito123 says:

      NO, what everyone needs to do, is educate themselves, and if absolutely necessary at first, get an attorney to buy you time to learn more and continuing to educate yourself as NO attorney can do what you can do for yourself, YOU have the most vested interest in YOUR case. EDUCATION is key, and filing appropriate complaints for violations of law. Then stand on your rights in court!!

  3. Jason Werner says:

    Hello police, welcome to the crowd.

    • incognito123 says:

      Maybe more police effected will translate to INVESTIGATIONS and ARRESTS and CONVICTIONS. Oh, sorry, was dreaming. . . . .

  4. Rick Scott says:

    Lynn deserves every dollar she gets. She helped us greatly. Thanks Lynn. Keep up fighting the good fight!

  5. JJ says:

    Thanks Lynn !!

  6. 1Victim says:

    Yeah, a hero who gets 18 million or more. Meanwhile thoae who lost homes, savings, and more get nothing.

    The BS 25 billion settlement nets about 1200 per person. Except Lynn of course

  7. Tee says:

    Lynn, you are a leader and a American Patriot to expose the greedy Banks in this Country…

  8. Dominic Codio says:

    Lynn is a true patriot located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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