“Moolah FUBAR!”

“Moolah FUBAR!”

By Wrongedfellow

A threat to homeland security
Not even on a list
He has a beard and blows things up
But does so with a “twist”

The most prolific counterfeiter
There has ever been
Nonstoppa mo Moolah bin Printin
But you can call him “Ben”

To lend to crony capitalists
He borrows from foreign lands
Although his heart resides on Wall Street
His passport says “Ukickthecan”

He waves his bazooka and shouts,
“Moolah FUBAR! Fed is great!”
He shoots his wad on the banksters
The consumer is laid to waste

He declared jihad on your savings
A flat “nah” on your CD’s
When it comes to record money printing
The “Shammy” goes to Benny B.

He says there’s no inflation
Does he take us for such fools?
While he’s driving up the market
They strip out food and fuel

This jackal from the Fed
Gives the sheeple more than they can handle
If the price of gas doesn’t get your goat –
How ‘bout ten bucks for a pack of Camels?

You took a bath with “Mr. Bubble”
On your underwater home
Now the dam’s about to break again
and drown your kids in student loans

To avoid another Depression
He says QE is worth the risk
It feels like being screwed by TSA
Without even getting frisked

The leader of Al Kitea
Will run unchecked for sure
“Moolah FUBAR! Fed is great!
In his tool belt QE4



2 Responses to ““Moolah FUBAR!””
  1. Fury says:

    very funny but true. when will ben be arrested?

  2. L Dean says:

    I knew I recognized Satan.

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