TONIGHT, on October 20, 2012, Mitt Romney will have dinner in Palm Beach at the home of H. Wilbur Ross, the billionaire who just made $750 million selling
his company, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. (now, Homeward Residential) to Ocwen Financial Corporation. Guests will pay $2,500 to $50,000 to
attend. American Home Mortgage Servicing (“AHMSI”) has filed 617 foreclosure actions in Palm Beach County alone. AHMSI was the biggest
client of LPS/DocX, the document mill that made Linda Green infamous. In an 18-month period, 1,857 DocX mortgage assignments, most signed by many
different people using the name Linda Green, were filed in Palm Beach County and used to transfer over half a billion dollars in mortgages on Palm Beach County
properties to Wall Street trusts (AHMSI’s clients).

The attorneys general of Texas and Ohio sued AHMSI for abusive practices in foreclosures. Class actions are piling up against AHMSI, especially for its
forced-place insurance practices. As a servicer, AHMSI works for many banks, but Deutsche Bank, the foreclosure king, is one of its biggest clients. Thanks
in large part to AHMSI’s efforts, Deutsche Bank is now one of the largest residential property owners in Palm Beach County. You can spot many of these homes
by the overgrown yards and badly-boarded windows.

Mitt Romney’s recent television ads in Florida say that he would find alternatives to foreclosure. For thousands of Floridians, it is already too late, thanks in large part
to the practices of AHMSI and its shady documents. One can judge a man by the company he keeps.


  1. Mystify says:

    Anyone who votes for Romney has not been foreclosed on he is the problem!

  2. Steve says:

    Amazing, you can get away with destroying lives, stealing homes, commit more fraud with forgeries, and still make a profit. If AHMSI got the go ahead to sell to Ocwen, that just says no one investigated AHMSI. It’s business as usual.

    • amadaluz says:

      Amada L Escandon-O’Rourke
      Oct 10 (13 days ago)

      Western Progressive LLC -and MR. Kumar -a debt collector from India in Atlanta, GA-!
      this guy Kumar also works for Altisource and they both -charged me with litigation and foreclosure fees! without disclosing who they are!now a lawyer from Houser & Allison APC called me to tell me that he is the counsel for Ocwen loan serv?.. then I received a call from Ocwen fin Corp-her name was Tanija and she told me NOT TO SPEAK WITH houser & Allison-LAWYER MANFORD BENJAMIN SUSMAN??my mortgage loan in hands of debt collector..I never new my lender was a debt collector but now that I have the routing number of Wells Fargo in San Francisco–let’s see what they say….I just filed a complaint to the FTC! God help us all!
      Ocwen has so many little unknown companies this way they don’t pay TAX!!!but the IRS SHOULD BE NOTIFIED TOO..don’t you agree?..

  3. yvonne says:

    and i will vote for Romney…

    • Fury says:

      sorry you feel that way.
      romney will make things a million times worse for the victims of fraudclosure,
      the sick, and elderly.

  4. Alabama John says:

    I will cut in half the financial debt. Then doubles it.

  5. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    The best alternative to foreclosure has always been to enforce the rule of law.

  6. Fury says:

    who could forget this romney gem about foreclosure?
    he said “don’t try and stop the foreclosure process. let it run its course.”

    romney makes no mention that most foreclosures are fraudulent with illegal evictions.

    his corporate raiding resulted in companies being gutted, workers losing their jobs
    and then losing their homes.

    romney is NOT a good businessman, he’s a vulture.

    US workers who were laid off by bain were forced to train chinese workers who replaced them.
    the US flag was lowered while the chinese trainees were there.

    yeah. right.

    he’ll stop China from cheating? yeah. right.

  7. talktotennessee says:

    Very shortly now it won’t make any difference who Romney has for lunch or dinner. Maybe he can clean up his act in his 3rd try at the White House and by that time will have a few more years of ‘honest’ tax returns he can open to the public. Maybe next time he can force his accountant to up his tax to 15% or something.

    Has anyone else had trouble posting on this website? I have given up trying to post on 4 occasions because it would not take the post.

  8. amadaluz says:

    investigations should be done not only on the “easy loans” but with what facility a CA RE Dept broker can have more than sales agents 100+ under their license! a total pyramid!and a lot’s of NMLS given with no background check! laundering money? tax free money?

  9. Sarah says:

    50000 a plate? When are the ‘poors’, with their fraudclosures, evictions, and transient employment going to realize they have nothing in common with their elected royals? Romney and Ross are known colloquially as vultures, ergo, they feed together on bankrupt carrion.

  10. withament says:

    I suggest a very very very deep investigation into Select Portfolio Services and the Romneys. Seems SPS is in bed with all the Dirt Bags committing FRAUDS. I am suggesting that the Foreclosure Criminals and those that ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED the Real Estate Markets and made all those EASY LOANS well tons and tons and tons of Money has flowed to WILLARD. Imagine That …….

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